You’ve all heard of Buns of Steal…

There is something I have been withholding from the world.

A secret that has given me big adavantages.

Its not Buns of Steal….

Its Ribs of Fat!

I, clever Digby, am like a sculptor of body fat. I have managed to sculpt my fat into the shape of ribs!

you can see a bit of my fat ribs here before they got to their full size


My humans were blissfully unaware for the longest time. They were actually saying things like “such a nice spring of rib you have Digby”

Because my ribs of fat looked just like the real ribs of super fit dogs!

Then my ears (they always let me down) had to go and spoil it. They became the home of yeast.

And so I was taken to the vet.

This is where it all went wrong.

I got on the scale, and the scale said 66.6 kgs (that’s 1/10th of the devil’s number you know! and 146.8 lbs!) Which in any case is much too big according to the humans.

That’s when they got suspicious looks on their faces. That’s when they began to poke me with their fingers of accusation. And they noticed that my ribs were in fact soft and gelatinous, rather than hard and bone- like.

That’s when they found out that my ‘ribs’ were in fact a big scam, and that they had been taken in like fools.

Now alas I am on a diet.

see my fat ribs are deflating
Here you can see how my sculpted fat ribs have already quite de-flated.

Now for my readers of the human variety I found away you can achieve this look too:


perhaps a little less dignified, but apparently effective.

your pal,




The Murrumbidgee has flooded.

We were able to find a safe place to have a look, but you have to be very careful with floods, and we would never be so silly as to play in flood water. Sadly lots of humans find flood water irresistable and some of them end up getting into lots of trouble playing in flood water – come on people! just don’t do it o.k.? resist the urge!

taken about 500 metres from the Murrumbidgee

This is now part of the river, even though the river is normally a few hundred metres away!

This is one of the detour roads and even it is very close to being covered! As you can really see in the next picture:


This is where Delta and I play when we take them to the reserve, now its part of the river. I must admit I was a little disappointed as when the humans put me in the car I thought I was going to get to have a play in the reserve! I will just have to patient.

And this is meant to be a paddock, not a lake!

There is usually ostriches and Angus cows in there but they have moved onto the hill where its dry… see even ostriches know not to play in flood water!

It’s not raining at the moment so hopefully the water will begin to recede soon.

Now onto another matter,

we’ve been having some trouble commenting on some of our pals’ blogs! So if you haven’t received a comment from us, please know that we have been reading, and we’ll try commenting again soon.

your pal,


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Big Water

Like many places in New South Wales lately, we have been getting a lot of rain!

Today it has been predicted that our river, the Murrumbidgee, will peak at around 9 metres and possibly flood!
The word Murrumbidgee means “big water” in the Wiradjuri language; although we know that compared to many places in Europe and the USA our Murrumbidgee river is very small… well Australia is a pretty dry place (usually) so the Murrumbidgee is looking incredibly big to us right now. At the moment the Murrumbidgee river really is living up to its name!

Yesterday we watched the workers building the levee so that if the river floods it hopefully won’t flood into people’s houses. Our house is o.k. because we are not in a low area. But some of the roads are covered in water which can make it a bit hard to go places. Right now the large underground capark is filling up with water! Hopefully everyone has managed to get their cars out now.

Now this is a very important picture because beyond the signs that say “water over road” and “road closed” is Knight’s Meats where the humans purchase nearly all our food! Thankfully the humans thought to stock up yesterday because there’s no getting there today! Knights meats is right next to the river so its always one of the first to be affected when the river begins to rise.

So how’s weather in your part of the world?

your pal,


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Mango Minster Entry

I cannot resist, I simply must enter Delta into the Cracker Dog category of Mango Minster!

I, Digby, am the most un-cracker creature on this earth. So I really do not know what the humans were thinking when they presented me with Delta Cracker Dog Extraordinaire.

I try to say “Look here Delta! You are not a cocker spaniel, you are not a German Shorthaired Pointer, You are a giant breed… and a Great Dane no less! I want to see you lazing, being dopey, exercising your three brain cells and drooling!”
Delta has the hide to go and have a million brain cells that think up a million different ways to be naughty!
Here she stole flour from the closed pantry and emptied it all over the house. As you can see I, Digby, am most remorseful  for eating a bit – Delta on the other paw, the main perpetrator of this devlish activity, feels only wild amusement!

Delta doesn’t reserve her cracker behaviour for at home. Delta is cracker at the river, cracker at club, cracker everywhere!

Then there was the time that she gave Mumma the concussion when her zoomies went into over-drive.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a collage is like a textbook. So I do believe I have presented a case equivalent to four textbooks on the inappropriate Cracker-ness of Delta!

Liebster Award

Well paint me green and call me Gumby!
Our blog has been given an award from a very special friend of ours who is actually a genuine Princess who goes by the elegant name of Sasha.

Sasha is one of the most elegant Danes out there; and has excellent self-esteem. Both Delta and I could learn a lot from her. Although maybe her healthy self-esteem and elgance come from her royal blood. In that case there’s not much hope for Delta and I! Thankyou Princess Sasha for thinking of us, especially as the blog is thick with dust and choked with cobwebs from being most terribly neglected.

Now for the formalities. The Liebster Blog Award has rules that must be abided by:

(1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award and then add a link to their blog.
(2) Reveal your top five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
(3) Copy and Paste the Award to Your Blog.
(4) Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers, and keep it going!

Now rule number two caused me some confusion as I’m not so sure what 200 is. But paws crossed I’ve got it right. My top five picks are:

Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl – Zola is a most beautiful doggie who lives in the beautiful French Riviera with a very kind and fun human.

Beagle Diary – Welcome to Cinnamon’s and Mint’s world! These two are the sportiest Beagles around!

Ok Jerry Sweet doesn’t Suck – Pam, Bobo & Meja. This is one gorgeously sincere blogs out there.

Evolution of Darwin – Darwin is beautiful blue Great Dane witht the heart of an explorer. She goes to amazing places inbetween her active social life.

Lexi and Jasper the Great Danes – and their adventures – Lexi and jasper live in New Zealand. Their humans takes the most equisite photos of them!

We love these blogs and wholeheartedly reccommend them. If you’re not already familiar with them then check them out 🙂

your pal


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Welcome 2012

Well look who’s back blogging!
Its me Digby!

Firstly I want to wish all my doggiebloggie pals all the best for the New Year. We fervantly hope that 2012 is as delicious as chicken liver; as mentally stimulating as a Nina Ottoson toy; and as packed full of goodness as a Kangaroo steak (which by the way is an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid).

Now its time for a brief update of some of the things we’ve been up to, and hope to actually blog about!
Delta started training school this year. I guess you could say that she is mature-age student.
We played host to a member of our extended family, Meg the Staffy cross.
Delta had her first experience at being ‘puppy-sat’ while I got to go with the humans on a visit to Grandma’s!
I, Digby got diagnosed with Depression that is an ongoing legacy from my old owners.
We became friends with two new Kelpie foster pups named Minka and Lizzy.

And just before the end of 2011, we went on a holiday to New Castle! I got to swim in the sea and play in the sand. Delta got to be bitten by a dog while in the sea. That doesn’t happen every day!

2012 is going to be a special year for me. I have been doing exercises to help my depression and I am already feeling a lot better. this year I am going to be all the Digby I can be.

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The Unconstant Blogger

Hello dear blog friends!

We haven’t blogged in such a long time (as you all know).
Have you ever seen your human trying to fit all your breakfast into your Kong, but there is too much of it? So they try to pack it in really firm, but the moment they stop applying pressure it just falls out anyway. Eventually they learn that they just aren’t going to fit that last bit in – they have to let it go.
Well sadly that’s what has happened to our blog 😦
Mumma had been trying hard to fit it in – but it just kept on popping out.
We are not so sad about our personal blog. What we feel very sad about is not visiting our blog friends; and keeping up with everything going on. Mumma is feeling that awful guilty feeling about it, that female humans seem so prone to feeling.

It has been a lot of work for Mumma since Little Miss got Type 1 diabetes. But that’s only really the latest thing. Because Mumma has always had a lot to do because Little Man has a disability and other medical conditions too. Soon Little Man is going for his second eye operation; and that is making Mumma stressed too. Now we hope that our blog friends understand why we are having trouble fitting blogging in.

Still, while we are here. We might as well put up a few new photos since last time 🙂

stump training

we have been doing stump training. Now Delta can pivot using the stump.
stumping it<a

Daddee made us a special jump. Which I use to great effect.

my backpack
our beloved backpack.
beautiful Delta

Beautiful Delta.

thanks for reading!
your pal,

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Stylish Me

I, Digby, was so excited to find that my new friend Zola had given me the stylish blogger award
I was also very surprised because I don’t know if I’ve ever revealed just how stylish I can be!

you see
Sometimes a parcel will arrive for me
I don’t want for toys
and I don’t want for treats
I want doggie apparel
that’s for what my heart beats!

so here I reveal 7 stylish thing about me!

1. My pastal pyjamas prove that my body’s been fed
and I’m ready for snuggling and sleeping in bed

2. My rosey coloured raincoat complete with collar
means that wet weather won’t be a big bother

3. winter woes won’t make me weary
when I wear my floral coat I can’t but be cheery

4. my fourth coat is decorated with inuit children
when in it I won’t need to do igloo buildin

5. This coat lets me be sharp like Sherlock Holmes
when in it I can discover where Delta buried our bones

6. This coat of tartan makes many heads turn
then they know I’m a nice dog, that’s what they learn

7. here is my collar covered in pandas as one last point of proof
that I deserve the stylish blogger award because I am no goof

your pal,

love him with food

I, Delta am blogging because Digby has been bitten or stung on the lip by a creature who is most mean and uncaring, but whose identity remains a mystery.

He’s feeling poorly and has had to postpone all his fitness plans. Between you and I readers, I can already see his muscles returning to their previously flabby state. But shhhhh! we won’t tell him that because he is already in a depressive state.

With Digby out of action, and the Little Miss back at school I’ve had more time to focus on self improvement.
I experimented with a new look (see my ears, quite modern/contemporary aren’t they?)

I also took up gardening

and lastly I took up baking. I thought I could cheer Digby up nicely with a cake.

Actually baking turned out to be harder than either gardening or self-grooming!
I learnt several important lessons.
1. if you are going to bake a cake do it when the humans will be gone for a long time so they don’t come home and ruin it.
2. choose pleanty of ingredients because some of them will taste so good that you will eat them straight away.
3. use a bed with sides; this holds all the ingreditents together making it easier to mix than on a flat bed.

Sadly as I was mixing all ingredients together into a smooth consistency, the human came home.
That was it…. my chance was gone; Instead of a cake, all I ended up with was this:

Which didn’t cheer Digby up at all.

I’m never doing that again. All the effort I went too; only to have my cake cleaned up and put in the rubbish bin!
However if you believe you will have more luck than me I have included a list of my Ingredients for a delicious cake free of charge below.

your pal,

1 kg of almond meal
1.5 kg of brown sugar
6 small containers of raspberry juice
5 packets of beef noodles
and a sweet potato

Possessed by a cone

Not too long ago, I found myself overcome by a cone.
I stood still and didn’t move because the cone disenabled my legs, and took over my brain and ended up controlling the whole of my being, except my mouth which was only able to make sad noises.

it made even my eyes go green thereby turning me into the Green eyed monster which I have heard about before.

After taking over my body and turning my eyeballs green, the cone proceeded to make me walk into each of my family with force and regularity.
I tried to say “My family, it is not I Digby who am ramming you hard in the legs! It is the cone!” but all that came out was “boohoo”.

The cone had me get stuck in all tight areas of the house and I needed constant rescuing by less possessed members of the family.

Then I had an idea!

If I could regain control of my body enough to lick my toe then maybe curse of the cone would be lifted from me!
it was true!

The humans upon seeing me lick my toe even with the cone on; released me from its powers. It did not then take me long to recover myself and resume normal activities.

And I shall never again lick my toe!