Greetings Blog World!

Hi there 😀

Mr Darcy here! But You can call me Arndane Platinum Duco… if you’d prefer! I am a mantle Great Dane, living in Australia, and yesterday I had my first birthday!


I live in a small house with my pawrents, and with my hooman sister and brother. Hooman puppies are very fun! Especially my hooman puppies because they are not scared of me, and they invite me on to their beds, and they play lots of hide and seek wif me! And in return I have to be careful not to squash them. Which I try very hard wif.

oops I am doing a bit of squashing here

oops I am doing a bit of squashing here

Recently I have had some bad news though, regarding  my danelicious body. A couple of weeks ago my back legs went on strike. They are there physically, but they have fforgotten they are a part of my body 😦 . Anyway mumma took me to the Vet. I love the Vet so I was happy about that; but it wasn’t that fun this time because they gave me a needle and all I remember is waking up in a little cage a very hungry time later. But the Vet found out I have a disease us Danes sometimes get called Wobblers. Wobblers is a pretty accurate description; I do wobble a lot these days. Well the Vet told mumma some things – I don’t really remember them cause I had just woken up and felt very blurry and hungry- but I do remember noticing that mumma was very sad, more sad than I had ever seen her before, and I have lived with her since I was 8 weeks.

Anyway mumma told me that I have to go and see a Special List in a couple of weeks. This is more evidence to me of how much I have to learn, of how much of an ickle baby I am. Because I thought when something goes wrong with your body, that you went to a Vet? Mumma said that the Special List will be able to tell mumma about what’s gone wrong wif me and whether I should have a fing called a myelogram and an operation. This is strange because I didn’t know that a list could talk, or that a list could know so much! Mumma even said the Special List wanted to do the myelogram and the operation! I never thought a list could do any of that! I guess that’s why this list is called a ‘Special’ list. It must be more talented than a shopping list, which is the only other kind of list I have heard about. hmmm so much to think about….

I am not really enjoying the wobblers because sometimes it also makes my front legs forget they are part of me – and then I’m really in trouble! I fall over A LOT. But I am clever and I am learning how to move around slowly, and not fall over as much as I have been.

Mumma thinks that by me writing about my wobblers it also may help other doggies who are going through the same thing. So each day I will try to put up a little bit about it, so maybe us wobbling doggies don’t feel so alone.


slobbers and squashes, Mr Darcy


5 comments on “Greetings Blog World!

  1. Hi Mr Darcy,

    So pleased you got your own blog because now I can come and visit you lots!! I will add you to my blogroll too so I will know whenever you update your blog.

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your Wobblers! I know that is a special sickness us Danes can get – how awful for you – and for your humans – they must be so worried about you and upset for you. I really hope the Special List can help you feel a bit better and move around a bit better (that’s a really cute and funny idea, by the way – ‘Special List’ – hee! hee! Love it!)

    By the way, if you look at my sidebar on my blog and scroll down, you will see all my blog friends and a lot of them are Danes! You ought to go and visit them and say hello – they LOVE meeting another blogging Dane and I think a lot of them would be interested in knowing more about Wobblers. There is Huey & Higgins who live in Hawaii, the PR Gang who live in Puerto Rico, Luna who lives in Queensland, Waldo who lives with his brother Gus the Golden Retriever in America, Behr Behr (who is currently on holiday and so not checking her blog), Bess & Heffner who live in America and do Agility, Tucker who is just growing up (and Princeton too) and Jackson who is a really cool Dane that does advanced Obedience stuff! Also check out Moose, who is a ‘Labradane’! They’re all really friendly – just tell then that I sent you to say hello – and you’ll have a whole new ready-made circle of blog friends!! 🙂

    Talk to you soon –
    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hello darcy,
    Dis is stripes n nitro here, an our mummy too of course, we are so pleased to see you got your own blog now that you are a big boy. Mummy wants to refresh her memory, who is you doggy mummy and daddy again??
    we hope you is ok, and are doing ok with your wobblers.
    Be sure to pop on by our blog, and well do the same, mummy has to post some pics of us handsomes as she calls us and some vids too.
    Licks and slobbers
    Stripe & Nitro

  3. Mr. Darcy,

    So nice to meet another full sized doggie. I am sorry to hear about your wobblers. I have a friend with the same problem. Here is the link to his bloggy.

    He doesn’t get to blog much but maybe if you left a note his mom would read it and tell you about his wobbling stuff. You can also read his archives. He had some magic beads implanted to help him.


  4. Hey Mr. Darcy! Thanks for stopping by to visit us. You’re a really handsome guy. Too bad you live so far away ’cause we could have an awesome time playing together.
    So sorry to hear about your Wobblers. What kind of surgery are you having? Is it the Gold Bead Implants? We’ve heard some amazing stories about them. Anyway, whatever it is, we hope it’s successful. Keep us updated…and go give your Mom a big slobber. It’ll take her mind off the bad stuff.
    We’re glad Honey told you to some visit us.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mr. Darcy! (That’s a name that we considered for our Dane, before we decided to call him Princeton.)

    I’m very sorry to hear about your Wobbler’s diagnosis. You’re about the same age as our Princeton, and he would be heartbroken if he couldn’t run. That seems to be his greatest joy in life. But it sounds like you are in good hands as you face your health challenges.

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