Special Lists can also talk on the phone

Herro there my dear fwiends,

Today Mumma was on the phone, and when she got off she told me that she had been talking to the Special List! Now I know, rationally, I should not feel surprised that a list that can fix my wobblers can also talk on the telephone; but I can’t help it! I am surprised!

Mumma told Daddy and I to sit down so she could tell us what the Special List said…..

We were both a bit nervous

We were both a bit nervous

But it was very hopeful news! The Special List thinks that it is likely I have a static form of wobblers which is much better than the dynamic form of wobblers. He thinks that the operation will have a 80-90% chance of stopping my wobblers from getting worse; or even make me better! The Special List said its because I’m highly ambulatory! I think that is because I can whine very loud and give people the kiss of life! Or maybe, like my friend Mango, my slobbers are special, and have the ability to SAVE LIVES!!! Daddy thought so too. He wanted to see if my slobbers would cure him of his Silly Yaks disease.

I can't see any Silly Yaks in there daddy?

I can't see any Silly Yaks in there daddy?

Well now I have the most exciting news of all! Mumma said that next Wednesday, I get to go and meet the Special List! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

teehehe do you see how good I am at dodging the flash!

teehehe do you see how good I am at dodging the flash!

healing slobbers to you all,
Mr Darcy


8 comments on “Special Lists can also talk on the phone

  1. Those Special Lists are, well, special. You have a nice chat with yours and hopefully you will be less wobbly.


  2. Oh, Mr Darcy – I’m so happy to hear your good news!! Really, really. Can’t wait to hear all about the Special List and what it has to say on Wednesday!

    Hey – I’ve tagged you to play a game – come over to my blog to check it out!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Hi Mr. Darcy, it’s very nice to meet you! I’m very sad to hear that you have wobblers. I can’t even imagine what your parents must be going through right now. I really hope that this surgery stops the wobblers!!

  4. Hi Mr Darcy! We saw your link on Honey’s blog and thought we’d pop on over to say hello! We have a soft spot for Great Danes – not just because of the gorgeous Honey, but because we’ve recently befriended a Great Dane at the park and we get to play zoomies with him most mornings! He’s great – although we get a bit confused with the ‘doggie hello’ as we can’t reach his butt to sniff it, he he he!

    We’re so sorry to hear about your Wobblers, hope this Special List can help you. How weird that a Special List can use a telephone as well as sort out specific doggie problems eh?! We look forward to finding out how it all goes.

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  5. Hi Darcy,
    oh i do so hope your special list sorts you out. I am sorry you have wobbles. What a lucky dog you are that mum and dad are taking you for surgery. If it were me, my dad would take me for a bullet! I hope it makes you better. Love, Midget

  6. Hi Mr. D., nice to meet you!
    Oh gosh, it must be horrible to have the wobbles. My mom and dad were worried that I had that too because sometimes I drag my hind feet a little bit when I’m tired. So far the vet said I’m ok, tho, as long as I’m careful.

    My blog friend, Bu, has had surgery for his wobblers (I think twice). http://www.bugendawg.blogspot.com/
    Also, Zane has had surgery I think 3 times. http://zanesgoldbeadexperience.blogspot.com/

    Good luck at the special list. My thoughts are with you, your mom, and your dad.

    Behr Behr ūüôā

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