Picture Game

My good fwiend Honey tagged me to play the picture game!

These are the rules:
* Open the folder that contains Pet photos.
* Select any photo in that folder that you haven’t posted previously.
* Post that photo along with the story behind it on your blog.
* Then tag 5 friends.

I thought a puppy photo would be the best – everyone likes puppy photos don’t they?

This is me at 7 weeks, before I went to my new family. Wasn’t I tiny! And my paws were so big that I don’t even know how I managed to bend my legs like that!

Ok so now I am going to tag five of my new friends to play along with me 😀
Bess and Heffner
Behr Behr
Gus and Waldo
Max and JD
The ‘splorin Wolfies

Well this game gave me a good idea for a post!
Before I was born my family had a different doggie. Her name was Angie, and she was an Australian Stumpy Tail. Yes she had a cute little stump instead of a long tail – and not because it was chopped off – but because she was born like that!
My family was given Angie when Angie was about 2 years old. Mumma says Angie had some Marley qualities; and a Marley heart of gold.
I never met Angie but I know I like her because Mumma gave me some of Angie’s old toys when I first came home and I liked those the best because I liked Angie’s scent.
So here are some photos of Angie and it is also interesting because look how small and cute my little hoomans were!
trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 111

trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 112

trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 113

trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 114

trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 115

trains,b'dayWagga,wagga 116

I thought everyone might enjoy also seeing some photos of my doggie family. There were five of us; three girls and 2 boys. The girls were the bosses that’s for sure! Me and my brother made sure we did what the girls said!

This is me and one of my sisters. I'm on the bottom ofcourse!

This is me and one of my sisters. I'm on the bottom ofcourse!

Look at my sister, who is climbing over Mummy for drinkies - BOL!

Look at my sister Red, who is climbing over Mummy for drinkies - BOL!

Two of my sisters are mantles, like me; my other sister is merle; and my one and only brother is a harlequin. I think we all look very pretty together. Do you see my beautiful mummy? I look just like her. She was a very good mummy. She was very gentle and kept us very clean; and she disciplined us when we were naughty. Once I nipped her ear a bit too hard and she put my whole head in her mouth! I never did that again!

The five of us enjoying the sun

The five of us enjoying the sun

I hope you enjoyed all my pictures 😀
Mr Darcy

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9 comments on “Picture Game

  1. Oh, what a CUTE puppy you were!! Loved the pictures.
    I got your tag (in the game). My mom’s a bit behind on posting, but hopefully she will get back to it soon. Thanks tho.

    Behr Behr 🙂

  2. It is not easy being a full sized puppy because our feet are big dog sized and sometimes it is difficult to navigate.

    The stumpy tailed dog must have been very patient to put up with the attentions of those wee humans. I am not terribly fond of the little buggers.


  3. Hi Mr Darcy!

    Omigosh, omigosh – we’re so excited to be tagged by you, thank you very much! It is especially thrilling because Honey tagged us too, so now we get to post a photo each – ha, you Danes are wise doggies, you’ve saved us from having any brotherly arguments over who gets to post the photo, he he he! We’ve already chosen a photo each and are just thinking about the post. 🙂

    Hey – your human brother and sister look so little and cute!! You’re a lucky pup indeed to have such a nice family. We love it when human pups visit because they always want to play with us. 🙂 And Angie looks really cuddly and fun – how nice that you had her scent on some toys to settle you in when you arrived.

    Our human assures us that she’ll add you to our blogroll this weekend – she can be a bit slow to carry out our every whim sometimes, sigh…..! And she’s also going to take a camera to the park with us next week so that she can get some photos of us playing with our pal Charlie the Great Dane so that we can post them to show you and Honey!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  4. Oh, Mr. Darcy! Look at how adorable your puppy pix are!!! I mean – you’re so very handsome now, but what a cute pup-pup!!! And your brother and sisters, too! And yes, your mommy-dog is very beautiful!!!
    I also just LOVE the pix of Angie and the little bipeds! Ooooh, I just LOVE little bipeds! Aren’t they fun? I like to make them giggle! Angie was quite beautiful!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Mr Darcy – that first puppy photo of you is just divine!!! My human squealed so loudly, my ears are still ringing! 🙂 She has always had a soft spot for mantles and you are just gorgeous! Love the photos showing you with your littermates too – it’s so interesting in a harlequin litter because every puppy looks different – when you see pictures of me with my litter, we just all look like identical brown blobs! 🙂
    (By the way, if you’re interested, I also did a post about my Mummy & Daddy and my littermates a while back – here it is: http://bighoneydog.com/2009/05/27/mummy-daddy/ )

    How interesting about Angie – I’d never heard of an Australian Stumpy Tail before! She looks very sweet – and so good and patient with your human pups! I try to be good with them too but my human is always a bit nervous when I’m around them because we don’t have any of our own so I have not really grown up with them and am not as used to them all the time – although she does try to always socialise me with nice, polite human pups when she can!

    Thanks for playing my game and what a great post!

    Honey the Great Dane

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