Update on Mr Darcy (from the mumma)

Hello all Mr Darcy’s friends
Its the Darcy Mumma here.

Mr Darcy had the myelogram and some other tests done yesterday morning and he has finally come home tonight!
The myelogram confirmed the wobblers and showed that he has 2 vertebra compressing his spine and a third one that is also doing a small amount of compressing.
He had a bit of a bad reaction to the dye, and had a bit of temporary paralysis. So he had to stay the night at the uni vet hospital. He also suffered the very bad headaches that can occur when they take spinal fluid out of the spine. So they kept him in to manage the pain and give anti-inflams for the reaction to the dye.

Unfortunately the vets also found he has a heart murmur.

The specialist is going to do some research on best treatment for him now. The operation will probably involve scraping out damaged discs and replacing with bone grafts and surgical cement. But the specialist is concerned that if we go through with the operation the other cervical vertebra will start compressing the spine in another 6 months.

The Vets at the University are fantastic and looked after him beautifully. We are very grateful that we have access to such a state of the art veterinary facility.

As you can imagine he is very happy to be home. He will probably give you his account of events soon.

looking a bit miserable

looking a bit miserable



7 comments on “Update on Mr Darcy (from the mumma)

  1. Oh dear. Momma wants to know how you can tell when a doggie has a headache?

    I am glad you have good pain meds to make you feel better. This is starting to sound a little scary.


  2. We’re so glad you’re home, Mr. D! We go to a university vet hospital for our care, too, and they are wonderful people! We know yours will take really, really good care of you, too, and will do the very best to help you through your Wobblers. We’d never heard of that – so thank you for the tab explaining it!
    You’ll be in our prayers, friend!!!

  3. Hello Mr Darcy’s Mumma! Poor little big-guy! He does look a bit miserable in that photo but was probably feeling a lot happier about being home. He’s lucky to have such a loving, caring family who will look after him to help make him better. Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  4. Aww Big Hugs and kisses from us here Mr Darcey, we hope you are feeling much better after your specialist visit.
    Loves n kisses
    Stripes N Nitro & their mumma of course

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