Spectacular Slobber Entry

My Fwiend Honey
is holding a spectacular slobber contest. I love pawticipating in such events and so I have been busy trying to slobber spectacularly.

This first one is a slobber fascinator for a day at the races!

Melbourne Cup - here I come!

Melbourne Cup - here I come!

My slobber fascinator is the one I have chosen to be my entry in Honey’s competition.

This one I like to call “The Third Eye-Brow”

This one is asymmetrical:

The following pictures captured some very rare supernatural slobber. Notice the slobber is moving back and forth – even though there was no breeze in the house – all the windows were closed. Creepy huh?




Then I discovered that I could use my slobbers as glue. This enabled me to camouflage perfectly with my surrounds.

Now in this picture you will have to look very hard to see me as I am using twigs attached to my slobbers as camouflage. Hint: Look to the right of the small magnolia tree.

did you find me?

did you find me?

I really enjoyed experimenting with using my slobbers as facial decoration.

what do you think?

what do you think?

Lastly I thought my slobbers could also be used for re-decorating.


thank you for perusing through my slobbers, I hope you you had an enjoyable time.

Mr Darcy


13 comments on “Spectacular Slobber Entry

  1. Hi Mr Darcy – wow, now THAT’S what we call versatile! Such imagination, such originality – we are super impressed. We thought about putting in an entry but we don’t really slobber much. We were going to do a prop assisted entry but to be honest the schnauzer section has been so well represented by our great pals Oskar and Sasha that we felt we couldn’t really bring anything new to the table. Honey has got a difficult job ahead of her as there have been some amazing entries! Schnauzer snuggles – you lil’ buddies, JD and Max.

  2. Most excellent slobbers there. Very artful with the slobbers blowing in the wind and the use of the decorative tree.

    My slobbers are like yours. Very sticky and difficult to remove from the couches and chairs.


  3. You guys are hilarious…same twisted sense of humour as Braisey had I see:)
    Thanks for youre comment , what a shame we didnt get in touch earlier.
    I am beyond devestated, please check in maybe sometime next week, I have the most beautiful photos of his last days, but still cant look at them. Will try to post them asap.
    cheers Tania

  4. Oh, Mr Darcy!! I just looooove your entry! So creative! 🙂 Although, I have to say – I’m very partial to that drool on the sofa shot too…ah, a boy after my own heart!! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. wow! Mr. Darcy, your slobbers are oh so impressive. Being a young pup at just 6 1/2 months old, I can only hope to achieve the greatness of slobberiness that you have shown me.

    you are my hero!

    wags, wiggles and slobbers

  6. Hi Mr Darcy

    Lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping by our blog to say hello. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job too!

    Great slobber photos!

    Take care

  7. Hello Mr. Darcy! Very nice to meet you! You are so handsome and slobberlicious too! I like the twigs! Moose has had all sorts of ground matter stuck in his slobbers!
    I am sorry about your troubles though and hope the special list can make you not so wobbly soon!
    Moose + dana

  8. Something only a Dane owner can relate to. Funnily though our shiloh is a mad slobber’r where Chelsea has never drooled in her life…

    Great ‘in detail’ post 🙂

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