update on my wobblers

Well the Special List (who I now have suspicions is actually a person named Jacob!) has been working very hard with his colleagues; and they are now tentatively advising that an operation may not be in my future!
The Special List thinks that my wobblers may not get worse, and because I am strongly ambulatory that it may be better for me to not undergo the operation, as it is a very invasive procedure and I m enjoying a good quality of life.
However this is not yet ‘set in stone’. The Special List has sent my myelogram pictures off to a Radi Oggle List to look at. This is because the Special List wants to be very, very sure.
Mumma also has to video my danelicious body walking and send it to the Special List regularly. He says it’s for ‘monitoring’ (but I thinks its actually because he’ll be missing me!) Don’t you think so?

well anyway I’ll leave you with a picture of me, taken when I was 7 months.

angelic me

angelic me

Mr Darcy


6 comments on “update on my wobblers

  1. Hi Mr Darcy,

    Thank you for your message to Cookie who’s been experiencing a similar situation as yours. Tell you what! Today Cookie had a short walk after a two-week complete rest. He looked eager to walk more, but his mum didn’t allow him that.

    As Cookie has had an operation once before, he knows how hard it is to undergo an operation although he regained his once lost ambulation thanks to the operation.

    Whether or not to have an operation in your case sounds like a very difficult decision, but we trust that your specialist and radiologist will choose the best option for you.

    Best wishes,
    Cookie and Cinnamon

  2. What is up with the tutu? Man! Those humans are so easily amused.

    I sure hope your wobblers are going to be OK. Your mom must be very worried. Sending movies sounds like a good idea.

    I am thinking of you, my friend.


  3. Oh Mr Darcy – that sounds like good news! I’m glad you don’t have to have an operation for now – and those movies sound like a good plan.

    I loved your picture – I’m sure your humans really do believe that you’re an angel in disguise…! 🙂 My human says she sometimes thinks I’m her guardian angel because somehow through me, she has managed to get many of the things she wanted in life – like working from home for herself, getting into writing and spending most of her work day on her favourite subject: dogs! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Mr. Darcy! This sounds like VERY encouraging news!!!
    I hope they’re right and you don’t need to have the surgery! You need to get on with playing and having fun and not hanging out with all those guys with the last name “List”!!!
    PS: You ARE an angel! 🙂

  5. Oh Mr Darcy! We’re thinking of you and hope the news continues to be good for you!

    Amazing how yellow seems to be the favourite colour for both our boys!

    Our not-so-little man is doing swimming and horse-riding as well – I get a bit miffed at the stables seeing him on the horses but I know its good for him!

    Take care

  6. Hello angelic Mr Darcy! We LOVE that photo of you, he he he! We always love photos of doggies dressed up – we only start to draw the line if it’s US who has to be dressed, he he he!

    We’re pleased that your diagnosis sounds so positive at the moment – this is great news and we hope it continues like this.

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

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