Inspired by Mango…

As some of my dawgy fwiends may know little hoomans of a certain age are required to do “home work”; and in order to make sure Little Hoomans complete their home work they require snoopervision; a role which I have taken on wif the help of Mumma.

Recently while undertaking snoopervision of my Little Hooman’s work I came across this:

read the sentence underneath the lists

read the sentence underneath the lists

for those of you having difficulty wif this here are some close ups complete wif high-lighted bits to facilitate comprehension:
"mango the dog"

"swolose his toys" "and they come out" "with his poops."

Thank you Mango; now I know what I have to do to be mentioned in the homework!
Its been a while since my Little Hoomans devoted sentence writing to me!

I hope this info may help other dawgy’s that are wishing to be talked about jsut that little bit more.

Mr Darcy


6 comments on “Inspired by Mango…

  1. Hi Mr Darcy! Hmmm, we think poor Mango suffered for his art, for the advancement of literature – we’re impressed. I mean – (*ahem!*) – we almost don’t want to ask such indeliate questions, but to poop a toy – doesn’t that HURT?! Well done Mango for being so willing to undergo such trials for the improvement of young minds. We always knew that most dogs are selfless creatures – now it has been proved! He he he! What wonderful little humans you have Mr Darcy – you’re a lucky doggie! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. Hello there!

    Our resident Rottie swallows his toys too and they come out in his poop … until his guts of steel rusted and now they have to be extracted surgically ūüėõ

    So Mr Darcy – do you have guts of steel? May be a better way to get your little hooman’s attention … like carry his school bag? Hehehe.

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