My Bad

I have recently had the great fortune to enjoy the company of both my Nawnaw and Paw, and my Gampaw and Ganmaw!

I love them busyting me!
Here daddee has his stink face on after I managed to connect my jowls with his lips and thereby transmit some slobbers into his mouth.

Ok that photo does not properly convey how much I love them.

Hmmm there is another photo that shows how much I love them!


These are the bruises on Mumma’s thigh left there by my enthusiastic tail wagging when greeting my Nawnaw and Paw, and my Gampaw and Ganmaw! This really gives a great indication of how much I love them.
My bad.

ETA: Daddee said that the photo of Mumma’s thigh is very confusing and does not look like a thigh at all; so I should add that it is kind of upside-down. When take she was sitting down with her foot resting on the study desk.

Now onto the next part of today’s post: said Staffy.
said Staffy had us under siege again Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mumma rang the ranger but they said they wouldn’t come out because they only work between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mondays to Fridays.
So Daddee put a collar and leash on him and walked him around the suburb and found his home. His owner apologised.
We found out his name is actually Brutus. Which I think is rather appropriate.
Daddee did not disclose to the owner all the bad and naughty things Brutus did (including climbing onto the bonnet, and then the roof of my Gampaw and Ganmaw’s new car while they were still in it). But if Brutus come back again Daddee is going to disclose all the bad and naughty things Brutus did to the owners. And if Brutus comes back again after that; Mumma and Daddee will keep him captive so they have him during the ranger’s operating hours.
It does seem that Brutus is well aware of the ranger’s operating hours as he has only once come to visit inside those hours!


9 comments on “My Bad

  1. Wow Mr Darcy! THat is some Tail wags! My Moose can make some serious noise when wagging but don’t think he could leave a bruise! You must love them very much indeed!
    I am glad you found Brutus’ home! Brutus’ owner (and Brutus) are lucky that someone good who cares about a pup staying safe found him. I get that the owner apologized but if it happens again I would go straight to ranger. Ranger will just return him home and fine the owners I assume. If it is worse than that I can imagine giving them another chance, but poor brutus could come to serious harm out there (and possibly inflict some himself!) and that is just sad! I don’t mean to but in though, you are obviously more informed than I, it is just that this seems to be a pattern with them!
    Anywho, I am glad you have awesome visitors and hope that certain other visitors do not return ūüėČ

    • Thanks Dana and Moose,
      If Brutus comes again during ranger hours Mumma will call the ranger straight away!

      It is difficult because Brutus always (except the very first time) comes after five and leaves in the morning around 7 a.m. Mumma is also a but worried she might get into trouble for keeping him captive to wait for the ranger, because he is not our dog.

      Mr Darcy

  2. Hi Mr Darcy

    We have a real thing about loose/stray dogs because several of our Guide Dog owners have had their dogs attacked while out working. You can just imagine how awful that must be.

    Our laws are getting better here regarding loose / stray dogs – seems like your rangers need to be a bit more pro-active and work longer hours. Loose dogs can easily become dangerous dogs.

    Take care

  3. I am glad Brutus is friendly. Good thing you had that caption on your mom’s leggie photo. I thought maybe it was a meaty bone.

    My people tolerate my slobbers pretty well except when it is on their faces. Can’t figure that one out.


  4. we love the tail wag buises! well well well. staffy staffy staffy. is his owner neglectful? why is staffy (brutus) out running the roads and owner not concerned???

  5. Hi Mr Darcy – now wow, that is some energetic tail wagging there, we’re well impressed! He he he! We have to say we’re really surprised at Brutus’s owners – how can you just let a dog go romping free? At the very least we’re convinced our humans want to know what we’re doing all the time or they’d be bored – and then think about safety, responsibility, etc….. It simply doesn’t make sense. Oh, btw, we’re glad to hear you got rescued from the trampoline – um, what were you doing in the first place….?!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. Mmmm well lets hope thats the end of dramas with that canine tornado Brutus… I would of told the owners straight up… they should be aware of what there unsupervised dog is doing…

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