6 little things that make me happy:

Honey tagged me to play a game! Thank you Honey!
it is the 6 Little things that make me happy game

1. would have to be smelling people’s breath. Its just so interesting!

2. soap sculpted to look like a cupcake. I would really like to eat it as it is lavender and jasmine flavoured. My stwange hooman family don’t think soap is for eating however!

3. my Little Hoomans!

20 weeks 008
4. laying in an empty bath tub in summer.
26 weeks 012
5. strawberries – need I say more!

my post-strawberry face

my post-strawberry face

6. drinking from the hose!

Now it is time for me to tag 6 of my fwiends to play this game too.
1. Clive – because Clive and I have something in common – we care for someone with Autism.
2. Cookie – because he’s going through similar back problems to me!
3. Murphy – Because he is a great new fwiend of mine!
4. Max – because he is going through such a tough time at the moment
5. Dexter – because he reminds me of my best fwiend who is also a black labradude! And I do hope dear Mango won’t be offended about this – I love you Mango Man!
6. Ammy – because she is so pretty and writes such nice comments on my bloggy!


13 comments on “6 little things that make me happy:

  1. Mr Darcy

    We are very honoured! Thank you so so much for tagging us for six little things! We will enjoy doing that!

    We loved your six little things by the way!

    Take care

  2. Thank you for the tag. I have to wait for the weekend to post it because Mango won’t let me on the blog during the week.

    I am puzzled by the whole bathtub thing, but I guess it works for you.


  3. no there is no more room. we have taken over everything even all the furniture and dog free zones. our humans must stuff themselves around us as we are the rulers of the house.

    saige and guinness

  4. Hi Mr. Darcy! Thank you for tagging me! That was very kind. I will get my post up within the next couple of days, OK?
    I just love your list! My little brother Zimmie likes to nap in the tub, too! Aren’t you afraid they’ll turn the water on and give you a b-a-t-h? (shudder)

  5. Hello lovely buddy Mr Darcy! Oh, we did enjoy this post! What a great list – we’re glad you’ve come clean about the breath thing as we do that too and our humans thought we were weird!! That soap is odd – sometimes we just don’t get humans, he he he! We have to say we agree with some of the other doggies about the bath – you must be into ‘extreme napping’ and love the element of danger involved! Finally, we think your little hoomans are lovely and we wish we lived nearer so we could come round for little hooman cuddles too! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. Hi Mr Darcy,

    Thanks for tagging me! I love your list. Lying in an empty bath tub sounds nice, but our humans don’t let us go into the bathroom! I wonder what is is there…

    I’ve still been on an exercise restriction, but now I enjoy a couple short walks every day. No walk was so frustrating, because I coudn’t do sniffing other dogs’ pee and marking over it.


  7. Yowza! I’ve been tagged!! Thanks a TON Mr. Darcy! Come check out my blog real soon….I already made my list of the 6 things that make me happy as I couldnt wait to share them!

    Mom didnt have pictures of some of the other things that make me happy (like harassing the cat, gardening, and creating new leaky holes in the garden hose to make it better for watering) but I think I have a pretty good list.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  8. Mr. Darcy you and I have something in common! I love the hose too, I could drink and bite at it for hours. I don’t know what strawberries taste like, I’ll have to try them. I do like blueberries though.

  9. Hi Mr Darcy,

    That was a fantastic post! I loved reading your list and my human laughed out loud at that photo of you in the bathtub…you are one brave Dane! I never even go in the bathroom if I can help it – you never know when the humans might ambush you for another scary BATH thing!

    Oh – about the soap – STOP! Don’t go near it! I was once tempted like you and I actually ate the bar of soap and had to be rushed to the vet foaming at the mouth…the vet laughed so much he didn’t charge my humans! (you can read about it here if you’re interested: http://bighoneydog.com/where-sleep-naughty-pup-contest-entry/) – the vet gave me something nasty which made me chuck everything up, including the bar of soap which came shooting out and sliding across the room…everyone was laughing but I was NOT amused!!! Anyway, so I can tell you from experience that no matter how lovely it smells, it is not worth it!!!! ūüôā

    Honey the Great Dane

  10. Hello handsome darcy,
    Our mumma loves coming to read your blog but she dosent know how to add you to her favourites so she can follow your blog daily :0(
    Mummys says that we smell like doggys so we have to have baths today, we is not looking forward to dis.
    Hugs from mumma & licks and leans from us

  11. Hi Mr Darcy: I read about you on the Ao4 site and loved Ammy’s six things. I mostly love her jokes best!

    We share an interest in little kids. You are lucky to have them right in your home, I have to go to my neighbor’s who runs a day care. If the kids are outside, they come running to me and I have sixteen hands patting and rubbing me! The best!


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