The AnGus

Dear Fwiends,
Recently I have been conducting some field studies to broaden my mind.
Today I am going to share my discoveries.

It all started on a walk one day when I came across some beasts

What grazes yonder in that field?

What grazes yonder in that field?

I went to investigate. Please note my sneaky gait. I am making myself small so as not fright the beasts.

They art beasts bigger than I.
Mumma said they are The AnGus. But I do not find any resemblance to my fwiend Gus .

I settled in to observe them the better.

when carrying out observation tis very important to be as unobtrusive as possible. See how inconspicuous I am?
In this manner I managed to learn many things.
They eat grass, like me, but more of it.
They say ‘mew’ like a cat, but with a very deep voice.

very interesting!

Mr Darcy


8 comments on “The AnGus

  1. Mom says e some of those AnGus not too far from us, but our walkies haven’t brought us that far. But we do have miniature donkeys just up the street – they make very strange noises and they are very loud too.

    You did a very good job of surveying your new found furiends.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  2. We have some people here who are raising BUFFALO! Now if you think the cows make you feel small, you should see these guys, very very HUGE. Like you I didn’t go near to them, and its not likely I will see them again, but I sure hope they don’t ever get loose and go on walks!


  3. Curious creatures. Bigger than you? Wow! I heard they have many stomachs which allows them to eat grass like all day long.

    I like your stealth moves. I almost didn’t see ya.


  4. Hi Mr Darcy – ooh, we like your ‘covert stance’ – very stealthy! You’re right you know, they don’t look much like Gus do they? Sometimes we don’t get humans – we’re sure they make stuff up to cover up the fact that they don’t know things….he he he! Hey Mr Darcy – you have a beautiful shiny coat you know, it’s very handsome! ūüôā

    Schnauzer snuggles – your little buddies JD and Max.

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