The art of relaxation

On the bed in the sun:

Half off the bed to be half in the sun:

Head off the bed:

enough of the sun, on me, on the bed:

reach for blanket for comfort instead:

in bed with ted:

no ted, no blanket, no sun, no bed
legs straight, red cape, back up, drop head…
relaxing with leather

Mr Darcy


15 comments on “The art of relaxation

  1. You really got that relaxin thing down, Mr. Darcy! Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try some of them out. I already got the hang of the half-on half-off the dog bed, but I gotta work on the couch manuever. First though, I gotta work on getting Mom to LET me on the couch! She’s a meanie!

  2. Hi Mr Darcey,
    its your relo’s here again, we is just replying to your message you left on our blog :0) Our mummy says that a nice orange polish would suit you sexy mantles best, stripe dosent like getting in touch with his feminine side as his a big tough old man, but for you’s it would look great.
    Yup mumma has a tattoo of us both on her foot, she says that you can be the mantle head along with stripe too if you like, mumma loves all danes but especially those that are related to us.
    ok mumma is off o work now so we’s must go outside to potty, untill daddy leaves for the day
    Leans n slobbers always
    Love Stripes n nitro n mummy too of course

  3. Hi Mr Darcy – oh, we BOW to the master of the snooze! You are amazing – so many styles, so many ideas, so many new positions for us to try!! We loved your red cape and ‘in bed with ted’ was just wonderfu!! What a great post – more, MORE!!! Schnauzer snuggles from your little pals – JD and Max.

  4. wow thanks–that made us feel so good that you read our entire blog! we really enjoy our blogging friends–especially the big breed kind like you and mango !!! thanks for making our day!

  5. Hello Mr Darcy! I saw you on the Army of Four’s blog this week – Zim is my best friend! So I came over to say hello and then I find out you’re in Australia too! I’m in Melbourne. I hope we can be friends.

  6. Hey Mr Darcy – you’re really showing that we Danes can do anything…including poetry!!! Love all the pictures – I do exactly the same thing too – especially sleeping with my head dangling off like that. My humans always think that I look really uncomfortable but now that they’ve seen that you do it too, they don’t feel so worried! ūüôā

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you had a nasty experience at the vets. To be honest, I had a slightly similar thing – my vet clinic has 2 vets: a man & a lady and I have been going to see both ever since I was a puppy and always loved going there (it’s where I went to puppy school too!) but then for some reason, I suddenly started getting scared of the man vet and I would cower away and growl and bark at him when I saw him (I NEVER behave like this with any human!) My humans were very puzzled – they think it might be something as silly as the fact that he grew a beard and looked all different…you know us silly big wimpy dogs can be so easily spooked sometimes! So now when we go, they try to always make appointments with the lady vet instead.

    But at least I haven’t transferred it to other male humans so that’s OK. My human says that if you’re scared of other men too and if your humans are worried, then maybe they can do some “counter-conditioning” with you where they associate all strange male humans with nice things (eg. treats) – whenever you see them (and only IF you’re not acting up or stiffening up) then they should praise you and give you a treat – or use a clicker if they have one – clicks can also mark a state of mind as well as an action – my humans used this really successfully to counter-condition me after I was badly attacked by other dogs and started getting suspicious of all dogs I met. They click & treat whenever I saw another dog, even at a distance (before I started stiffening up – it’s really important that they don’t mark and reward any negative behaviour!) – and within a few weeks, I’d started seeing other dogs as being associated with positive things and as soon as I saw one, I’d turn to my humans for a treat! Then gradually, they let me get closer & meet some safe, friendly dogs and kept clicking & rewarding & praising any calm, confident behaviour I showed around them…so now I am fine with other strange dogs around me (as you can see in my videos).

    It can take a while but this counter-conditioning really works! So if you are really developing a complex about men, your humans can try doing this. They can also get their friends to help and invite male friends over and tell them to IGNORE you completely when they arrive – don’t try to make friends or anything, coz this would put pressure on you – but just stand around and drop yummy treats on the floor and ignore you when you went near them to get the treats. After a few times, they can start trying to put their hand out and letting you sniff them…but it’s important not to rush you. So that you associate strange men as bringing nice things! Lastly, it also really helps if men will play with you – your favourite game or toy – the more positive interactions & handling, the more confidence you will gain with them.

    Oops! Sorry, I have written an essay! Anyway, hope some of this might be helpful –

    Honey the Great Dane

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