Reserve adventure

On Friday Mumma took me for a wonderful adventure.
We went to a place called the reserve its not far from us but we’d never been there before.
Well we were both pleasantly surprised! It had many wonderful features:

This is called a cow pat. I do know that Honey loves cow pats! Actually to my surprise I didn’t feel the need to eat it or roll in it.

The reserve was very serene. Serene enough to appear on the Army of Four’s Blog we thought!

There was lots of big old eucalyptus trees. The trees were filled with hollows, which would mean that they would be the homes of many possums and cockatoo nests!
This is me doing a sit-stay for the photo.
The reserve even backs onto the river:
The river had a wicked looking tree in it:
And there was also a little beach:
Do you see how I am the brave explorer?
ewww the water was so dirty I didn’t want it to touch me:
Then a very frightening thing happened – I was attacked by wild rarebit!
Thankfully Mumma did not capture its image with the camera. But it was fluffy brown and could hop faster than a speeding cow!

So its not all serene at the rezerve.
This is me. I was meant to be posing but I was just feeling happy and looking up at the trees instead:

Then we came across some more AnGus:
Then the next day we brought the rest of my hoomans along. And I accidentally trod in a very dirty and deep puddle!
Here we all are looking happy and tired after exploring:
My little boy hooman is even better than me at avoiding the flashy, isn’t he?

I hope you enjoyed my adventure.
Mr Darcy


17 comments on “Reserve adventure

  1. GAH!!! Mr Darcy!! There was that enormous, gorgeous cow pat and you did NOTHNIG with it????!!! ūüėĮ

    Looks like a lovely reserve – I love the photos of you all at the end – all exhausted!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Cow pats? Mom talks about those some times, but I think she’s referencing my soft poops in the yard. Something about feelin like she’s livin with a cow? Ummm..Im not entirely sure. She doesn’t always make sense.

    Mom and I are doing something called ‘camping’ this weekend. Mom says there are cows near the place where we will be camped out. Maybe I’ll come across some of these cow pats. Honeydog…got any good suggestions for me?

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. Your little human guy is good at avoiding the camera. You are a very lucky dog to own some kids. I wish I had one or two. But tonight we walked by a church letting out some Scout boys and a bunch came over to pet me and talk and I just love it!


  4. Wonderful photos Mr Darcy!

    Our not-so-little man here used to always want to avoid the camera too – now we put sunglasses on him most of the time which seems to work – once he’s wearing the sunglasses – he’s happier to pose!

    take care

  5. How could you resist that yummers cow pie? Great adventure.

    I agree, your little human is most talented at messing up a photo. Kind of like my human brother.


  6. oh! you really did make quite a discovery there! what a fun day for you with lots to see and explore! that is certainly our kind of adventure! well done! i am sure you will be back soon!

  7. The reserve looks like lots of fun. And what do you mean you accidently went in the puddle? You don’t like mud? Mud is the coolest thing in the world and I run thru every puddle I can. Where we live there is a thing Momma calls mud-flats. When the ocean tide goes out you can get to them and they are all mud! When you step in them they make a funny sound cause they suck your feet in. I got to run thru them once and then I had to go home and get a bath. Momma never got a picture because she was all grouchy about the floor and having to mop it.

    I think your happy looking at the trees picture is the best!

  8. Hi Mr Darcy! What a fun adventure – very good of you and your mom to go on a scouting mission first to check everything was in order prior to bringing the rest of the family! We’ve been attacked by rabbits before too – our humans think it’s funny, they don’t realise how terrifying they can be – they move so FAST!! Love the photos of you and all your humans – yaaayyyyy!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  9. Great adventure at the Reserve, Mr. D. We really enjoyed it. Your little humans are very cute too. Glad you stayed away from the dirty water and that tree – very spooly looking!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  10. Ooooh, I’ve seen some of those cow patties at our park after the rodeo is there. Didn’t you try to eat it or roll in it?!?!
    It looks like you had a VERY lovely adventure. I wish I had been there. Capping it off by snuggling with bipeds is just PERFECT!
    PS: Dave said he hopes you didn’t get your feety-feet wet in the river!!!

  11. Great place to visit! We love seeing everyone’s different adventures. We also, can’t believe you didn’t feel any urge to further explore the cow patties! Hope you’ve recovered after your rabbit scare! Love your posing pics and also the ones with your humans. You have cute kids.

  12. Mr. Darcy, these are such wonderful pictures! Sorry that I’ve been a horrible slacker on posting messages. I love all the pictures that your pawrents take and post! And I hope that things are going well enough for you. I hope that all turns out well with the MRI!

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