meeting the famous Dr. Harry

Hello my dear fwiends!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the famous vet Dr. Harry. Now if you don’t live in Australia you won’t know who I’m talking about will you? Dr Harry is a vet that can be seen on the telebision talking about animals.

Well yesterday I went with Mumma and daddee to Petbarn and who did I see? That’s right Dr. Harry.
He is much shorter in real life you know.
Anyway Mumma was very proud of me as I was extremely well behaved at petbarn and I wasn’t frightened of anybody or anything!

Mr Darcy


15 comments on “meeting the famous Dr. Harry

  1. Oooh, Mr Darcy – my humans know about Dr Harry! They used to watch him in that TV box thing when they lived in Sydney for that 1 year. They always wondered why he wore that funny hat all the time – even when it was very hot! 😛

    Thank you for your nice words on my blog – you made me feel better!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hi Mr Darcy – well done on being so well behaved! When our humans took us to a local pet superstore recently we got a bit over excited and Max got a bit woofy as a result! There was so mcuh exciting stuff you see and a lot of other great doggies to see – we simply didn’t know what to do first!

    By the way – we think you’re such a class act that we’ve left an award for you on our blog, please swing by to collect!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  3. Hi Mr. Darcy! How nice that you got to meet a celebrity vet! And he looks like he wouldn’t do anything like make you hold still and those other hard things the other vets do. He looks like a bit of a stiff, though. Did he give you cookies? My vets give me cookies — usually with CHEESE on top.
    PS: You look so very handsome!!!

  4. At least Dr. Harry wasn’t intimidated by your size like some silly humans. We’re sure you could’ve taken him though if he even thought of jabbing you will one of those ouchies our vet always seems have!

  5. Hi Mr. Darcy,

    Dr. Harry looks like a nice guy. Good boy for behaving so well.

    Mom wants to know if you can drop us a line and tell us what the message was that you got. We noticed a dropoff in the number of comments we are receiving and we wonder if there is something we need to fix.

    sibemama at yahoo dot com

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Hey Mr. D: What an exciting thing to meet a bona fide celebrity
    vetologist! Did he actually SAY anything to you?

    Those guys really don’t have to talk, they are so well known, everyone knows what they say!

    No, I don’t know him, we don’t get him here in the Upper Midwest of the USA!

    Cheers, Darcy and blessings on you,


  7. Mr. Darcy – I have no clue who that strange man is… but he seems very short and thin!

    I met Scooby Doo once though! He was in a parade and I sat up and barked at him. But, I didn’t get my picture with him and there wasn’t time to get his pawtograph.

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