Out of surgery!

Thank you so much to everyone! All your healing vibes and prayers and thoughts have been so heartening and I am sure helped make the surgery go well.

Mr Darcy was in surgery for nearly six hours. The specialist found that his cervical vertebra were malformed and they have cut all the bone out that was compressing the spinal column; and stopped the ligament from compressing the spine as well. Mr Darcy came into a bit of trouble with the anaesthetic when his spinal cord was de-compressed, but he got through that as well!

We won’t know for a few days whether his spinal column has been permanently damaged.

I am going to visit him tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing him again so much, even though he will probably be in a very sad state.

I’m not sure when he’s coming home, hopefully in the next few days.

Well I guess at some point I better change the “about Wobblers” page as it turns out he didn’t technically have Wobblers after all!


Darcy Mumma


19 comments on “Out of surgery!

  1. Mr. Darcy! That sounds like a most serious surgery. I sure hope that you will be OK. It will be hard for your mom to take care of you what with you being so big and all.

    I heard it is hard to get the anesthesia right on us full sized doggies. That is part of why I still have my nards cause momma says she doesn’t want to risk knocking me out unless she has to.

    I hope the hospital is comfy. I bet you are getting special attention being so big and handsome and all. Please keep us posted.


  2. I’ve read the same articles Mango mentions on Danes and anesthetic.. and am wary but sometimes you just have to put your trust in the vet…good news about the wobblers and weve past paws crossed… we have everything we possibly can cross and are saying prayers to whatever Gods are listening that dear Darcy has a positive outcome on this… god ya must be worried sick.. make sure you guys are lookin after yourselves emotionally too… things like this can be draining and it can sneak up on ya….

    keep us updated if you can…luv Abz

  3. stay positive! Guinness had spinal trauma and it got worse before it got better—but it DID INDEED get better–just with the large breeds it takes times, so do not be discouraged if at first it seems bad. Darcy will let you know with his eyes! love saige and guinness.

  4. Mr. Darcy, we are rooting for your full recovery! We’re so sorry that you had to go through such a traumatic surgery, but we sure hope it will give you the opportunity of 100% recovery.

  5. Oh Mr Darcy’s mumma – we send you all the worry-absorbing snuggles and cuddles that we possibly can. Poor Mr Darcy – that was a long op, but he was in the best hands for it and will soon be amongst his loving family which is definately the best medicine EVER! Mr Darcy is now officially our hero – he’s simply amazing! We wish you and him all the best and will be waiting eagerly for each Mr Darcy update…… Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. BARK!! Mommys heart is with you, your family and MR Darcy. Us doggies dont understand what all the pain and sergies are about, so we just look to you to protect us when we cant be protecting you. Daddy just saw a picture of Mr Darcy and said he looks like a king that belongs in a Castle. Hey, wait a minute… I thought I belonged in a castle.. ummm daddy?
    BARK! Sasha the Princess

  7. Sending Mr. Darcy all kinds of love and prayers for a great recovery. That was a very long surgery and we are only accepting full spinal column recovery. Hoping he can be up and about fairly soon, too.


  8. We’re still saying LOTS of prayers for the very handsome and kind Mr. Darcy – and for you and for his care-givers! When you see him, would you please lick his muzzle for me? Or do the biped equivalent?!!?

  9. Oh Mr. Darcy! That sounds like a really heavy-duty surgery. Your momma is so good for taking you to a specialist though – all the other vets just said it was Wobblers. I hope your recovery is fast and 100%. Me & Momma will be thinking of you!

    woof – Tucker

  10. Sending big loves n hugs for mr Darcey, and sending a virtual hug for you ( his mummy). We know you can beat this and get ontop,and were so proud of you both.
    Licks n leans
    Stripe n nitro n their mummy nicola

  11. Oh Mr Darcy – that sounded very very serious. We are thinking of you and your Mom and all the family and wishing you all the very best.

    Thank you for the update and its good to know that you are now out of surgery and recovering.

    Take very good care of yourself
    Clive and family

  12. Oh I’m so happy to hear that you came through the surgery OK, Mr Darcy!! Gosh – 6 hours – that is a whopper! Actually, your surgery sounds very similar to one my human, Paul, had last year! He also had somethign compressing his spine so he couldn’t walk properly – he is all fine now, just has to do special exericses everyday and be careful with his back – so I hope you make as good a recovery as him!

    That was a bit scary about the anaesthetic – am glad you pulled through OK! I have been under anaesthetic twice and I did fine but I guess it is always a worry!

    Please keep us posted on how you’re doing – we’ll be thinking of you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. Wow, we had no idea poor Mr. Darcy was having such troubles. We sure hope this surgery is going to be just what he needed and that he makes an outstanding recovery. We send him all our best sibe vibes and we send him some slobbery snooter kisses too.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  14. Mr. Darcy,
    We are so glad to hear that the surgery went well and hope that your recovery will go as well. Hopefully, the change in diagnosis will be a good thing and you will be healthy and pain free soon.
    Fingers and paws crossed : )

    Kathie R and Jackson

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