Missing Mr Darcy

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t able to visit Mr Darcy today. The nurse told me he would get too excited when he saw me and we need him to be very still in order to make a proper recovery. So I just dropped off some more food for him, even though that was quite pointless as his appetite has not returned yet.

Sorry there was an ambiguity in my last post concerning the reaction Mr Darcy had with the anaesthetic. The reaction wasn’t so much to do with the fact Mr Darcy is a big boy as that a fair amount of function returned to his spinal cord the moment the last bit of bone was removed; this changed the effect the anaesthetic was having on his body! But yes, big dogs are prone to problems with anaesthetic. This was the fist time Mr Darcy had a problem, although he has been under a general anaesthetic five times now; so we’ve been lucky. At the Vet school Mr darcy has an actual anaesthetist taking care of him during the operation so it makes it much safer.

The vet said all things goin well Mr Darcy might come home in 5 days time! I know how am I going to wait that long – and how are all you dear readers going to put up with my drab writing!!!

Well I think the solution lies in some puppy photos.



Ele's lesson and Mr Darcys first day 085

9 wks


10 weeks 017

sorry about our back yard, it is most definitely a work in progress; very slow progress…


16 comments on “Missing Mr Darcy

  1. Hi Mr Darcy’s Mumma! Oh that sounds like encouraging news. We’re going to struggle to wait 5 days to see our hero too but – sigh! – we’re gonna have to, as he obviously needs his recuperation time.

    We wish we could come round to give you a double whammy of schnauzer snuggles as we like to think that the two of us could almost equal one Great Dane, he he! And we think you probably need some soothing snuggles at this stressful time. But you’ll be cuddling Mr Darcy before you know it and you’ll be healing each other as a result!

    Oh, you’re an amazing owner – Mr Darcy sure is in a great and loving family. Thanks so much for continuing to update us all – we really appreciate being able to stay in touch with his progress.

    Big schnauzer snuggles to you – JD and Max.

  2. look at those huge puppy paws! 5 days, oh dear, that’s so long. really hope he’ll recover well and fast.

    just manage to take some time reading your previous posts. thank you for sharing so much and we understand your ordeal.

    nevertheless, we’re glad to have ‘met’ you here and reading your blog does puts a smile to our faces.

    sapphire sends her *sniffs* and *licks*

  3. Ahhh love, far from drab writing & we can ‘put up for it’ for as long as it takes for the big guy to get home and recover.. but 5 days without Darcy… ya poor thing. What works for me is exercise and keeping busy. Ive been known to vacumn at 2am when under stress or missing my son 🙂

    Actually you sound a little more positive on his progress & 5 days in reality is amazingly short for the big operation hes undergone. If it was a human they’d be hospitalised for ages. Arent dogs and modern science amazing when you think about it…

    As a new reader I so loved the pup pics, how fast it goes with Danes (physically) I think with Chelsea (20months) she still thinks and often acts as a pup.

    Hang in there and we’ll all keep our paws crossed for both you and Darcy…:)

  4. Hi Mr. Darcy,
    first we thank you so much for your comment on our blog! We know that you now cannot read what we write, but we wish you all the best!!! First the doctors thought, that Paris too has a Wobbler, but then it were “only both knees”.
    You wrote “His breeder thinks it is my fault for letting him play with other dogs” – its exactly the same with us, it is absurd.

    We send you our best wishes and hope that you will recover well and fast. You are such a beautiful and lovable boy,

    Paris and Bel Ami, the two black boys from Austria

  5. Wow, this post is much more reassuring! 5 days is a long time but it sounds like Mr. Darcy is doing better. I know what the vets mean about Mr. Darcy being excited to see his Mumma. Everyday when my mumma gets home I go bananas! I prance all around and give her flea bites. She calls me crazy and sometimes she ignores me cause she says I’m too crazy. I settle down and then she gives me belly rubs!

    We wouldn’t want Mr. Darcy prancing around and wiggling right now, so his excitment will have to wait another 5 days. One thing is for sure he will be a happy boy when he gets to see his Humans! Watch out for the Dane Tail Whip!

  6. Five days is sooooo long! I hope you can visit him before then. I bet he is getting the royal treatment in the recovery center what with him being so special and handsome.

    Momma is most interested to read the details of Mr. Darcy’s procedure and recovery. I, myself, just skipped to the photos.


  7. That is too bad that you can’t see Mr. Darcy and five days away is a long time. But in the long run, it is probably the best thing for our pal Mr. D. We hope things go well for him. He sure was an adorable pup – no wonder he is such a handsome guy.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. BARK! We are glad to hear Mr Darcy seems to be doing well. WOW- 5 days without his mommy, that would be hard. My mommy and daddy went away for 14 days one time, and I missed them a lot. But they left me with a lot of other big furries to play with, so I stayed busy. But I was sure glad when they came to pick me up. I am sure Mr Darcy will be glad to see his mommy too. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  9. Good to hear that Mr Darcy is doing well – it must be difficult to have to stay away but sounds like good advice from the vet. We’re thinking of you all and wishing you the very best.

    The photos are really lovely.

    take care

  10. I was told to stay home once, too! My spaniel had just had a very invasive operation and the vet told me that even the sound of my voice would get him all wriggling and excited and if I came to peek on him sleeping, I couldn’t say a word.

    It’s nice to know that there is that special bond, isn’t there? But at the same time you so want to touch that head and plant a kiss on that nose that you love so dearly.

  11. We wondered if seeing you would get Mr. Darcy too excited. I know it’s VERY hard, but it’s safer and better for his recovery this way. Mom said try to stay VERY, VERY busy to make the time pass faster. The last time one of us had to be away at our vet hospital, she re-tiled the floor. 🙂
    We go to a big university teaching hospital, too – and it sounds like the procedures are very similar to yours. When we go in for something big, we have a student assigned to us who takes VERY good care of us and updates mom – plus we have the surgeon and a whole team of anesthesiology students and vets! I”m so glad Mr. Darcy has a team like that caring for him! We’ll continue to pray for him, his whole team, and for you, too!!!
    PS: I LOVE those puppy pictures! Look at his feety-feet!!! Mr. Darcy is SO handsome now – and ah rooooo, look at what a cute PUPPY he was!!! Thank you for posting those!!!

  12. It will be hard to wait five days to see Mr. Darcy and we will miss him too. But I am like most of the writers here, a believer in doing what the Doc says! Does Mr. Darcy have something from home with him, a toy or bankie that holds everybody’s scent from home. That might comfort him. In the meantime we will pray for the very best possible outcome!

    Stella, who loved the Mr. D. baby pics!

  13. 5 days! Thats rough! 5 days when you’re away on vacation is hard enough, I can’t imagine 5 days when he’s just a drive away. We’re hoping he has a speedy recovery!
    Love his puppy pictures! Danes have to be the cutest pups!

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