He’s getting better


22 comments on “He’s getting better

  1. Oh, oh, oh! Such wonderful, wonderful news! Thanks SO much for the update posts – you are simply amazing Mr Darcy’s mumma! We’re thrilled for you all – way to go Mr Darcy! Lots of love – JD and Max.

  2. What a wonderful update – we’ll be holding tight – don’t fret just love him…

    He’ll be back at the beach in no time….


  3. Yahhhhhoooo!
    Doin the happy dance up here! rain and all…
    (damn maybe it was a rain dance..:) )

    thats great they got some calories into him.. did he keep it down ok?

    Poor love must feel like hes been hit by a sledge hammer, your doing well chickadee, tenative hugs for Mr. D from the girls and I…x

  4. Oh SO happy to hear that!!! Go, Mr Darcy!!! He is such a brave boy! And so lucky to have you as his family.

    Stopped by earlier but didn’t have time to leave a comment – the pictures really tugged at the heartstrings – oh, the poor thing trying to breathe through his mouth! But it was still good to see him and I think it is so generous of you to share everything with the world through his blog. I’m sure many other dog owners out there will find these posts informative and a real support should they ever be in the same situation.

    Thanks for the update and looking forward to hearing more!
    Hsin-Yi & Honey

  5. Yess! We had a doggie fundraiser today so I haven’t been able to check on Mr. Darcy until now. Momma & I are so glad to hear this news! Yeah Mr. Darcy keep improving!

    PS. Momma wants you to know she dreamt I was playing with Mr. Darcy last night. Isn’t that weird?

    Keep the GOOD updates coming!

    woof – Tucker

  6. That is so wonderful! I am extra glad to hear he moved around a little too because it must get kind of old staying in one position.

    Mango Momma

  7. How fabulous to hear some good news. We have been thinking about Mr. Darcy, and you of course and are relieved to hear that things are improving. The last photo in the previous post really shows what a difficult time he was having.
    Wishing for continued improvement!

  8. Hello Mr. Dacry’s mumma,
    we heard about you people in JD and Max post today and we felt like coming to visit you and let you know we’re praying for Mr. Darcy’s health and recovery.

    Much love and happy thoughts from Brazil.

  9. BARK!! Mommy said a prayer for Mr Darcy, and for his mommy. She said it is hard to see someone you love go through that, so you need extra comfort too. I BARKed for Mr Darcy, and hope will be able to come home to his pack soon. Mommy’s eyes still leak, and she doesnt want anyone else to have leaky eyes too. BARK! Sasha the Princess

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