Day Four


24 comments on “Day Four

  1. Aw, Mr, Darcy, not your finest moment what with your lips all superglued, but if it helps, then that is the right thing to do. I bet it feels really good to stand up even if you have the sling on you. Just to stretch out and get a little more comfy.

    I hope you are able to eat and breath better soon. Your mom really needs you, big guy. We are in your corner!


  2. Mr. Darcy I like this update much better! It sounds like are you are moving forward on the road to improvement. I’m sorry you are still having difficulties breathing but it’s good that you stood up for that long. Just a few days after spinal surgery, that’s amazing I think. Please keep getting better and we are thinking good thoughts for your recovery.

    Please keep updating us!

    woof – Tucker

  3. The roller khoaster is what is expekhted as we heal –

    ESPECIALLY after something soooo major –

    I think Mr Darcy needs to listen to Mango!

    After all, I wouldn’t want to piss him off!


  4. OH Mr Darcy – hang in there!!

    I’m sorry to hear that your breathing is difficult again but that super-glue does sound like a good (if somewhat crazy!) idea! I hope it will help and make it easier for you.

    And I’m so pleased to hear that you managed to get up in a sling for a bit! Keep at it! I think just getting the weight off your chest and being able to support yourself a bit more would also help you breathe better.

    It sounds like they are really doing everything they can for you – and we are all keeping our paws crossed and thinking of you all the time – and willing you to fight & get better!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Well, the things that aren’t so good just are not what we were hoping but at least there does seem to be some positive improvement. It seems like it is going to take a while for things to get better but some progress is better than none. We will continue to keep you and Mr. Darcy in our thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  6. So sorry you are still struggling buddy. We know you can get through this though! I really feel for your momma and the rest of your humans. I was a stressed out mess after Moose had surgery and that was nothin’ compared to what you are dealing with. I hope you are able to sleep better with your lips out of the way because that can only help matters!
    lots of love!
    Moose + Dana

  7. i think it is ok if he doesn’t stand up right away unless the vets say it is important that he does? i think he will stand up when he is ready–i can’t imagine him wanting to right now–that is a long way up for us big boys and the floor seems a much more stable place to be ūüėČ love guinness

  8. Continued thoughts n prayers being sent your way guys. My heart is breaking seeing those pics. Hang in there you guys
    Big loves n hugs and leans n slobbers from stripe n nitro

  9. Oh, Mr Darcy! We’re sorry to hear your breathing is not going well. We’re still rooting for you and sending you all the most positive thoughts we can! It must be hard to see him struggling, I cant imagine going through what you’re going through. We’re all here for you!

  10. Oh, Mr. Darcy! Just use everything you have got to keep trying to get better. We think of you many times during the day and say little prayers for you to get well and that will continue until you are up on your feets moving around! Yes! We know that is coming.

    Prayers and more,

    Stella and Mom

  11. Ok Mr. Darcy…sounds like you are hangin tough. Now you just need to start eatin some good foodies! Me and Mom are sending all of our healing thoughts and prayers your way right now. We know you can get better!!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  12. Call me an optomist but it sounds like the positives have more strength than the negatives.. he may have a gob full of super glue but if its helping his breathing I reckon id slip that over to the positives..
    Gees medical science amazes.. would of only been 10yrs ago and the options for your man wouldnt of existed.. you sound in a better head space… hats of to you.. this takes inner strength and your holding your own!!!

  13. Hi Mr Darcy’s mumma – Mr Darcy just keeps on amazing us! The positivies are just a bit more than the negatives and he’s edging bit by bit in the right direction. We think of all of you all the time – and we’re always checking for updates. Keep on going Mr Darcy – you’re needed by your family and by your huge circle of friends. Big, big hugs to you – JD and Max – xx.

  14. ME AND My sisters are thinking of you and we pray for a speedy recovery. If i could find a way to bottle some of my little sisters energyand appetite i will send it to you (they have more than enough to go around).

    Tail Wiggles & Puppy Kisses,

    Coco The Princess

  15. Cookie knows how hard it can be after an operation! He couldn’t stand up at all for more than a week after his operation. When he stood up in his crate for the first time after the operation, our humans couldn’t stop the tears coming out of their eyes!

    We hope your breathing becomes easier and your appetite comes back, which should accelerate the recovery!

    Many hugs,
    Cookie and Cinnamon

  16. BARK! Mommy is still praying for you and your mommy. She said it helps her heel when she reaches out to others, and steps out of her own sorrow. She says to tell your mommy to keep touching you and talking in your ear, cause it relaxes us doggies. When Max was hurting, he would go right to sleep and start snorning when mommy would hold and talk to him. But she said that is not a good thing when daddy does that with her… BARK! Sasha the princess

  17. We are all here for Mr. Darcy and his people. Praying for all of you.

    Me and my people are encouraged for his advances and praying for his weaknesses to improve. As a doggie I know that love from my people is the best medicine ever.

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