Day Five


19 comments on “Day Five

  1. Little by little! C’mon, Mr. Darcy! You’re doing great. Keep fighting!
    Please know, Mr. D’s mumma, that you and Mr. Darcy are in our hearts and prayers. Sending lots of husky hugs your way, too!!!
    Ammy and the rest of the Ao4 and our mom!

  2. Oh, Mr Darcy, baby steps big boy, baby steps! You’re doiong so good and every day you’re heading in the right direction. That is great news from the specialist – woo-hoo, keep it up Mr Darcy! Mr Darcy’s mumma – your big handsome boy keeps on amazing us – he’s doing great! Him and you are always in our thoughts and we’re willing him on every second of every day. We wish we could come round and give you some special ‘stress absorbing’ schnauzer snuggles to keep you going too. Please make sure you’re looking after yourself too during this difficult time. Lots of love – JD and Max.

  3. Go, Mr. Darcy, go!
    Thank you for the movie of you in the sling especially. Everybody is working very hard to help you along. I understand the issues with your lovely jowels, but it is only temporary.

    Momma sent you a virtual smoochie even.


  4. Thank you so much for letting us know how Mr. D. is doing. I am sure you are drained by the end of your day and its more than kindness to let us know.

    Its a shame a healthy beautiful dog has to go through all of this., but I am thrilled to hear the good news as you are. Prayers continue for your beautiful boy.

    Stella and Mom

  5. You mighten realise it as your living the rollercoaster at the moment but each post you write has more strength and more positiveness in it…getting him up makes sense, I know in hospital for humans now, they have you out of bed and walking as soon as you can open your eyes…

    ah the road to recovery may be bumpy but it sounds like your Darcy + Jacob is giving it their best shot…give Mr D and ear rub from the girls and I…x

  6. Oh Mr Darcy – so good to hear the good news from your specialist!! And thank you so much to your human for finding the time to update us in the middle of all her stress & worry!

    It was good to see you in the sling – I’m sure getting on your own feet, even for short periods, must do you a world of good. Chelsea is right – even for humans, they want them up and walking around as soon as possible!

    We are constantly thinking of you and sending lots of healing slobbers!

    Honey & family

  7. We are all here hoping for the best. I’m sorry we didn’t know Mr. Darcy before he was ill, but we will still be here long after his is better.

    The dog blog community has the power of positive loving energy and I believe that that can only help you and your wonderful Mr. Darcy.

  8. Mom says thanks for the daily updates! It is really good to hear Mr. Darcy is making improvements…however small they are.

    Mom thinks physical therapy might help him a bit…especially with the swelling of his legs, and the muscle atrophy. Maybe the vet can recommend some exercises you can do with him? Or maybe t-touch or massage?

    You can dew it Mr. Darcy!!

    wags, wiggles & super duper slobbers

  9. Maybe once he’s doing really well some water therapy will help him? At least once he’s strong enough to get in and out of the water with help. I know this has helped a lot of dogs with various health problems. And we’re still pulling for the big guy!!

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