Mr Darcy (23.6.08 – 6.10.09)

My Shoulders ached for Strong Sure Wings
And my Feet were sore with the Need to Fly.

Poor Earth-Bound ones— you could not know!
I raced the skies on Sturdy Limbs and tossed my proud dark head away from Captive Bones.

Thanks to the ‘Splorin Wolfies.

The little humans decided to write about Mr Darcy too:


“Mr Darcy,

Mr Darcy was a smart and a big puppy. Mum made blogs about him. He’s my most favourite dog in the world. He also used to be a small puppy.”


” I loved Mr Darcy. He loved me. He loved running around and hopping in the bath without any water in the bath. I Loved lying down with him. He was fun to play with. I loved him the most because he was big!”

On the 17th September, 2008, the four of us traveled for hours in the car to pick up the Dane puppy we had been waiting for so eagerly. He was waiting for us in the puppy pen looking so exquisite! While his sister jumped all over us, Mr Darcy looked at us quite perplexed. I picked him up and put him in my lap and he snuggled in ~ and that was the start of an epic love story between a puppy and his family.
Mr Darcy was a dog who took loving seriously. He made it his job to make us all feel loved and happy every day.

24 weeks 001

Mr Darcy was always doing silly things for a laugh. Like spying on the neighbours:

P1010009 - Copyand digging giagntic holes:


… attempting to work out the mystery of ducted heating:


Thank you Mr Darcy for being the best dawg you could be.

Please follow this link to watch Mr Darcy’s farewell clip.

go and give those you love a smooch,

Darcy’s Mumma
click here to see another video of Mr Darcy’s gardening skills.


32 comments on “Mr Darcy (23.6.08 – 6.10.09)

  1. Oh, Mr Darcy’s mamma, how hard it must have been to put that video together. All those wonderful pictures. What sweet memories. Mommy is starting to do better, but once in awhile her eyes still leak still. I hope all the hoomans are hugging each other to help take away the eye leaks. BARK! Sasha the princess

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful boy! Your words — “. I picked him up and put him in my lap and he snuggled in ~ and that was the start of an epic love story between a puppy and his family.
    Mr Darcy was a dog who took loving seriously. He made it his job to make us all feel loved and happy every day.” — They say it ALL. Mr. Darcy, the Great Dane who loved and was loved.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  3. I cant imagine how hard it would have been to part with Mr. Darcey. He was so beautiful and it is clear to see that he loved you as much as you did him.


    Coco The Princess, her sisters and the momy

  4. It so looks as if he pakhked a whole lot of love into his short time with woo –

    Tank woo fur sharing him
    Fur sharing the special memories that belong to woo
    So that we khould enjoy them too


  5. Thanks so much for the beautiful tribute to Mr. D. We all loved him, who wouldn’t? We miss his sweet comments on our blog, just knowing he was there with his family. You had a most special dog, and as Khyra said, he packed a whole lot of loving into his year with you. We will remember him each time we see some black and white!


  6. Mr. Darcy momma! We are crying so much it is hard to type. What a wonderful tribute. So many great memories. He sure was a good pal to you all. We will always remember him.

    Mango,Dexter, and Mango Momma

  7. So many tears reading those letters and watching the show. Very touching and so sad that he left you so soon. He clearly got and gave a lot of love in his short life. :’-(
    Lots of hugs from Moose and I

  8. My mom person is crying very hard. We are so happy that you had Mr. Darcy in your lives and more importantly that Mr. Darcy found you.

    We think that the poem that the Splorin Wolfies wrote was perfect.

    Our hugs and prayers are with you all.

    Oskar & him mom person

  9. What a sad and beautiful post about mr Darcy. The letters from his human siblings… heart breaking. And the pictures and video… I needed kleenx… and I was at work! Though his life was short, he touched so many people. He lived a good life.
    Hugs and Licks from Darwin

  10. Mom’s eyes are leakin something fierce as she types this. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. Even when he was a young pup, it was easy to see the gentle soul Mr. Darcy would become.

    Sending extra slobbery kisses to you and your family,

    wags, wiggles and slobbers

  11. That was such a beautiful tribute to Mr Darcy. We cried and smiled and cried again watching it. The love that Mr Darcy gave just shone through in every photo.

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Mr Darcy with everyone.

    Take care
    Clive and Fiona

  12. Mr Darcy’s mumma – we are all very leaky eyed here. What a wonderful, wonderful tribute to a truly spectaular doggie. Mr Darcy was our hero and always will be – we miss him very much but we’re just glad we got to know him. Thanks for sharing this great post – it must have been very hard for you to do. We think you are all amazing – and very fortunate to have had this big, loving handsome hound sharing your life. And he was so lucky to have found you to be his family. It was sadly short but you were all so obviously simply meant to be together. Big schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  13. That was beautiful and the music went so well with it.. I loved the pic about 3/4 through of Darcy under the blankets with the kids and the one in the back of the car.. all the images can be summed up in one word and thats Family …how soon a Dane becomes a treasured part of your world as he was in yours… and though a tragically short time he will of left his paw print on every heart.. thank you for sharing that with us and for sharing his journey, the highs and lows with us, that was a special thing to do… x

  14. Ohhhhhh…..that was the most beautiful farewell tribute – the pictures of Mr Darcy from a small pup growing up into such a treasured member of your family – all the love and happiness that seem to shine out of the photos – I know he may have had too short a time but anyone can see that his life was filled with love and many other dogs aren’t as lucky.

    I know it is very hard – having been there myself with a beloved pet cruelly taken too soon – but I hope that with time, you will be able to think of him and smile and only remember the wonderful times you had together. I’m only beginning to manage that myself but it is the best tribute for our pets, I think, to think of them with fondness and happiness, rather than in sadness.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. We will all miss him.

    Hsin-Yi (& Honey the Great Dane)

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful pup! Messages from your children are so touching. After we watched the first video clip and tears filled our eyes, we could’t help laughing watching the second one.

  16. It is remarkable that you are able to write about Mr. Darcy already. Your heart must still be bleeding with pain. Thank you so much for allowing us to know Mr. Darcy and to share in his passing.

  17. Just wanted to drop by again to let you know that we will be posting your tribute to Mr. Darcy on our blog tomorrow. I lost a young dog suddenly as a result of acute pancreatitis. Young life lost never makes any sense – never.

  18. We have been so touched by your posts about Mr Darcy – especially this one. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. We cried all through the video.
    Mr Darcy was such a loved member of your family. His life was short but he was surrounded by such love in life and in death that he was blessed.
    We never know the ‘whys’ of these situations and like everyone else we so wish this had never happened.
    We were especially moved by the tributes left by the children. Make sure you all have lots of hugs right now – we send our love across the miles.
    Take care xxxxxxxxxx

  19. BARK! Mommy wanted to see if your doing ok? Feel free to pee-mail her, if you just wanna chat. She still gets leaky eyes sometimes, but she feels that she is on the heeling side of the hill. But we all still miss the goofyness in the house. Both mommy and me are bored.- BARK Sasha the Princess

  20. Oh my gosh! This is such sad news!!!! My mom cried for a while after reading about your precious Mr. Darcy ūüė¶
    Behr Behr, sniff sniff….

    Note from Behr’s mom…What a beautiful, sweet boy your Mr. Darcy was. I’m sure there is a special place in your heart that belongs just to him, one that no other dog (dane or otherwise) could ever fill….and it should be that way. My heart feels so sad for you right now. Take plenty of time to work through the grieving process.

    That was a very fitting and beautiful tribute you made as a final present to your boy. He sure was loved in his home on earth!

  21. Mr. Darcy momma,
    I read your comment on Sasha’s blog. Our hearts are with you. My Beautiful Raja was in so much pain from the time she was a teenager, but she was very brave and nobody knew until it got really bad.

    Mr. Darcy fought a good fight and gave you so much love in his short time with you. We know you are still out in blog land.

    Take care of yourself. You will never forget him.

    Mango Momma

  22. Dear Mr. Darcy momma,
    we have just found your blog and read about your loss and even if it was our first visit my mom is now sitting here crying her eyes out feeling for you! ūüė¶ and I send you lots of doggie kisses and slobbers from Sydney!


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