Getting you to know me!

I am a mutt!
There is nothing wrong with being a mutt – although some people think it is more polite to say ‘cross breed’, or ‘mixed breed’. But I think the word ‘mutt’ has a very earthy quality!

Tomorrow I have some big news to share with you all…

But In the mean time some more about me!

I used to have a dreadful terror of the camera. I mean if the camera came out – I turned from loving, gentle Digby soul – to growling, snarling, barking Digby.
But Mumma spent a few weeks doing this thing called ‘systematic desensitisation’ which means that she worked very very slowly to make my like something I previously hated!
And it worked!
Now I love love love the camera!
I work it!

Last night when I was walking with my family, a lady with her little Italian Greyhound walked past us. Mumma said ‘hello!’ in her friendly way. I wagged my tail in my friendly way. The Italian Greyhound wagged his tail in his friendly way. Then the lady said “your dog would kill my dog”
And she was talking about me!!!
I would never!

A little while ago mumma had this fabulous idea of fostering a puppy. It was dreadful! But I never killed it.

anyway I have to get some rest as tomorrow there will be gunfire and I will have to go into my hidey hole until its over. And then I have to tell you my BIG NEWS!

your pal,


14 comments on “Getting you to know me!

  1. BARK! I was camera shy too for a long time. Everytime mommy pulled out the flashy, I would look away. Now I just give in, since it seems to make mommy so happy. I cant wait to hear your BIG NEWS! Does it have something to do with the gunfire? My brother Max was always afraid of loud noises, especially the ones comeing from the sky. They dont bother me at all. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  2. We aren’t crazy about the flashy beast either – something about those flashes. But we do try to appease the Momster. Mutt – what’s that? You look like a very nice pup to us and we can’t wait to hear your big news.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Glad you got over that camera shyness so you could blog again! You have been missed!
    Nothing wrong with Mutt! My mom had a terrier mix and when people asked her what kind of dog it was she would sometimes say mixed breed and sometimes say mutt. Once when she was ill and did not have her wits about her she answered this question by saying he was a ‘mixed nut’!!! Ha ha . It was very funny because he was rather nutty, even by Terrier standards.
    You are what I would call (though it is a Mango original term) a labradog! You have lotsa labra and some dog I would say but then again there is nothing wrong with Mutt. At the shelter where I volunteered people would ask ‘what kind of dog is that’ and I would say ‘it is a good dog’. What else is there to know, really?
    And who is this lady who thinks you would eat her dog? Moose gets that a lot and I don’t understand other dog owners who can’t recognize play and happy body language when they meet my wiggling wagging moose! Sheesh!
    Anyways- I have rambled enough… can’t wait to hear what the exciting news and I would LOVE to hear about your foster pup! He he… fostering is always an adventure I am finding!

  4. Hiya Digby – you know, our FH refers to us as Mutts and we love it ‘cos we think it makes us sound friendly with just an edge of cheekiness! So we think it sums up great dogs like us very well. (We’re modest too, he he!)

    And wooo – work it Digby, WORK IT! You sure know how to ham it up for the flashy box now, he he he!

    We can’t wait to hear your big news – today is gonna last like FUREVER whilst we wait…..sigh!!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  5. Hi Digby,

    I used to hate cameras, but I have got used to them, as my dad take photos of us almost every day!

    Who does the crazy lady think she is! Does she think she can read dogs’ mind, although she would never do it right if she could?

    Can’t wait to find out what the big news is!


  6. Digby! So nice to meet such a handsome little chap. You are lucky your mom was patient because exposure to the flashy beast is all part of being a world famous blogging doggie. Besides, we love seeing you.


  7. Digby

    Thank you so much for stopping by our blog and letting us know the great news that you are the new addition to your family. We have often thought about Mr Darcy and wondered how all the family were getting on …. we’re delighted that we will be able to follow your adventures now.

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

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