My Big News

Last Friday half my family got in the car and drove away.

Then the next day they returned – but they returned with an amazing surprise!
I watched the car pull up at our house and then a female doggie hopped out the car!!!
I felt overwhelming joy and I sang a very loud song in contemporary alternative style – cool huh?

I knew straight away that she was the newest member of our family! Woohooo I have a sister!!!

Her name is Delta and she is a Great Dane and she is 15 months old. Delta came to us from NSW Great Dane Rescue! Which makes her a rescue doggie too!

I was happy before, But I am even happier now with Delta. She is very different from me; for instance she is crazy and has endless energy. She really likes to have fun; whereas I prefer to be mopey.

As you can see she has crazy blue eyes and flying nun ears!!!
We all love her very much – but I think the humans still love me more.
Unfortunately Delta won’t be bloggin herself for a while as her brain is kind of like a cyclone and she can’t put her thoughts in a sensible order. But you’ll still be getting to hear about her through me!

I hoped you liked my big news!

I am also pleased to say that so far this morning there has been no gunfire and so I have not needed to make use of my hidey hole.

Your pal,


16 comments on “My Big News

  1. What a beautiful big little sister you got!!

    Welcome Delta, we are sure you are going to be ever so happy!!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  2. Congratulations & Best Wishes –

    Welcome home Delta – the party is just getting started…


  3. Welcome Delta! She looks great with you Digby. You two are kinda opposites in color and personality (or should that be dogsonality) huh? It is great to have a live-in pal and maybe you will get less mopey and she will get less crazy…
    Anyway she is a beauty and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures together.

  4. That is great good news that you got a new sissy. I got a sissy too! But I’ve had her since we was babies and she’s kinda old (and has a big bottom but don’t tell her I said).

    Be nice to her cause if she’s anything like my sissy she’ll grow up and be queen of bitey face.

    Yer pal Bobo

  5. Hi Digby – oh wow, that is the BEST news! Now your family is complete! We LOVE your new little sister – gawsh she’s big and pretty and she has the BEST ears! 🙂 We know you’re gonna be the greatest big brother and look out for Delta – we bet she LOVED your introductory song that you sung for her! 🙂 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. BARK! Wow, your mommy sounds CRAZZZYYY!!! A baby girl and a boy at the same time? Wheewww, sounds like a handful. Well, your job is cut out for you! She sure is a cutie! Bet she will keep you thin too. Cant wait to hear more about your relationship! BARK! Sasha the Princess
    PS– what is the gunfire about?

  7. Well hello Digby! It’s very nice to meet you and your new sister Delta! Mr Darcy was one of my favourite doggies and I’m sure you two will be soon enough too.

    Huffle Mawson

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