Series: Foster dogs

Well some of you may have been wondering what Mumma has been up to since she last blogged Mr Darcy’s farewell post.

Well da Mumma did not like being without a doggie in the house – not one little bit – but she knew also that she wasn’t ready for another in the first few months after Mr Darcy went to heaven. Then she realised she could be a doggie foster carer!

This is the first doggie Mumma fostered.

Mumma and the little hoomans named him Gambit Spot Partridge because he is a German Shorthaired Pointer. Gambit had heaps of energy and a very active brain! he was also very loving and fun spirited. Gambit did the most amazing zoomies around the yard and was lots of fun to play with!

One of the mysteries about Gambit was that he had super soft velvety paws like he was a tiny baby puppy.
Gambit stayed with Mumma for two weeks before he was adopted and by then his paws were rough from all the walking, playing and exercising he had while he was here.

Gambit found a perfect forever home and flew in a plane across to the other side of Australia to get there. He lives on a farm with an active female Weimaraner and a herd of alpacas! Last mumma heard he had broken into a bag of fish emulsion and was getting a well deserved bath!

tomorrow I’ll talk about the foster pups Jaysie and Tilly.

your pal,


6 comments on “Series: Foster dogs

  1. Your mom ROCKS! Fostering pups who need homes is such a generous thing for her to do!!! (My mom and dad were fostering me … but … well, let’s just say they’re in the Foster Failure Club. 🙂 )
    Please lean into your mom for me and give her a big hug!

  2. Before I could have a dog of my own I used to beg people to let me dog sit and I soooo wish I had known about fostering back then! I am glad that was a nice transition for you and Mr GSP looks like a great doggie. Fish is very good for doggie coats so I bet he was just doing some routine skin care.
    Moose + Momma

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