Fosters: Jaysie and Tilly

Well I’ll warn you now that this post doesn’t have the happy ending we would have all liked.

When Gambit left for his new home Mumma put her name down to foster two girl puppies in a litter of five, that had been dumped at the pound at just 5 weeks of age 😦

This one is Tilly

This one is Jaysie

Jaysie and Tilly were bold little puppies afraid of nothing and very easy to socialise. Mumma took them everywhere, schools, preschools, the main street, to all her friends, on a big 5 hour car trip up to Grandma and Grandad’s! They played with all the friendly and vaccinated doggies Mumma could find. Mumma socialised them to having baths and their nails clipped and being brushed… everything!

Mumma also had two wonderful homes lined up with really wonderful families for these energetic, cheeky and wiggly-bummed puppies.

Jaysie and Tilly couldn’t go to their new families until they had been desexed at 10 weeks old.
At 10 weeks Mumma dropped them off at the vet. But when she got home she got a phone call that little Tilly had had a reaction to the anaesthesia and had suffered severe brain damage. So Tilly was given her wings and sent to wait for mumma with Mr Darcy.
I’m not going to talk about how hard that was for the family, as you all probably can guess pretty easily.

But the good news is that Jaysie (now known as Ziva) went off to her lovely forever home a few days later where she has a gentle Labrador for a sister and is adored by her family.

Mumma still gets sent the odd email from the people who have adopted her foster doggies. Getting an email and photo and finding out all the things her doggies have been up to is one of the happiest things a foster carer can look forward to 🙂

signing off
your pal,


8 comments on “Fosters: Jaysie and Tilly

  1. Hi Digby,

    Just wanted to say that your Mumma sure is a special person taking in these sweet foster dogs until they have a forever home!

  2. Thanks fur sharing their stories –

    Sadly, that happens but I guess that is how they keep puppies to play with akhross The Rainbow Bridge –

    Mom likes when the groups she transports fur shares updates they got too –

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Hi Digby! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog (sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you!) – and I’m SOOO happy to see that you’ll be filling Mr Darcy’s blogging paws! I’ve been enjoying reading your first posts and learning all about you!

    By the way – your comments on my blog still come up as “Mr Darcy” – so maybe your human might like to change your sign-in name settings so that it says “Digby”? Also I noticed your header still says “Mr Darcy’s blog” too – maybe it would be nice to have the header include your name too? And have a page about you too at the top?

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Very sad about Tilly 😦 I bet that was very sad for Mumma, especially since she has to see her own human pups sad at the same time. Fostering is hard and I think it is a wonderful example for human pups. Very rewarding in some cases though, like for Jaysie! I am on my 3rd foster and hear from 1 adopter but not the other and really wish I could hear from him too. I sort of started Moose’s blog so his foster mom could see how he was doing- I did not want to bother her if she did not want constant updates. She read for awhile but don’t think she does anymore which is fine.
    Anywho- They can’t all be happy endings but as a foster you made more than there would have been without your help and that is a wonderful thing!

  5. Hi Digby

    That was very sad but also good to know that one of the puppies got a great forever home! Your Mom is very good to be fostering and it must be really lovely to hear how the puppies have got on in their forever homes!

    We read Honey’s comment above but you know, we actually like seeing Mr Darcy’s name appearing on our sidebar – we can remember him while reading all about you and your adventures! I know you might change it but for the moment it makes us smile to think about and remember Mr Darcy.

    Hope your little man’s haircut goes okay – we had several years of torture at the barbers! Murray used to find it really upsetting – once while his Mom was holding him still for the barber – he was squirming and moving about so much that the barber cut a piece of his Mom’s hair off by mistake! It has taken 10 years for Murray to get used to getting his hair cut – he’s 12 this summer and the last two years have seen big improvements in lots of things with him – we just hope it continues on an upward curve!

    take care

  6. Your mom gave Tilly so much love in the short time she had here on earth. Please thank her for all she did for Tilly and for Jaysie! We wish him every happiness!

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