I need bootees

Oh dear,
Well I, Digby, have been a bit unwell owing to the disastrous amount of prickles present in my neighbourhood.
Disastrous prickles ruining my stroll 😦
They stick into my paws and poison them.
We try to walk where there is no prickles, but alas the prickles have out-smarted us. No matter how hard we try, I still tread on some prickles every time I go a-strolling 😦
So I ended up with sick paws and I tried to heel them by chewing them, but it didn’t work, I just ended up with chewed up sick paws 😦
So off to the Vet.

I am wonderful and so well behaved… the vet told me so 🙂

Mumma and him did swapsies – she gave him heaps of money and he gave her heaps of magic beans.
And I am feeling much better thanks to them. They are yummy when wrapped in cheese.
The Vet said I have some ongoing anxiety issues from the horrible things my first owners did to me… But Mumma and I are working on it 🙂

In other news….you will all be very distressed to hear that we have been betrayed by the camera batteries which are refusing to take more than 3 photos!

your pal,


14 comments on “I need bootees

  1. Oh noes! Woo DO need sum bootees! It sownds so furry paynful. We hopes yur feeteez get bettur soon!

    If all yur piktures can wook as gud as doze 3, den yoo arr dooing grrreat!

    Gus and Waldo

  2. Poor Digby! Hope your feet get better and youre able to find good booties so you can enjoy your walks again!
    You and Delta are quite the stunning pair!

  3. Oh, owie, owie, owie, Digby!!! That sounds horrible! Are your feety-feet OK now?! Is your mom going to get you booties? We have some here I’d be MORE than willing to send you. Ha woo.
    Great pix of you and Delta. And the little biped. Does he give hugs? I think Delta looks like she needs a hug.

  4. Hi Digby – oh, your poor paws! We’re so sorry – JD has senstive skin too (as well as a sensitive stomach, hypoglycemia and hayfever – he’s a senstive boy all round really, he he he!) so he feels your pain. BUT he says that he gets mild ouchies wheras your poor paws seem to be suffering quite badly. We’re glad the cheese enveloped meds are working – you should always have faith in the power of cheese you know, it heals all, he he he!

    Hmm, we’ve always thought that the flashy box was not to be trusted, it takes your soul you know! (FH – boys, where DO you get this stuff from??!) BUT we love the three photos that is has captured – Delta, you’re almost as tall as one of your human pups! 🙂

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  5. Ouchie – those pricklies must hurt a lot – hope you can find some good booties. Too bad about the camera, why is it that the battery always fails when it is most in need?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Hello Digby and Delta,

    It’s me Kasha from the Chicagoland area. Mom didn’t know who you were at first when she saw you post on my blog. You know I’ve had computer issues but then with further research she figured out you are Mr. Darcy’s mom. How are you doing? I see that you now have 2 new fur babies that are rescues…that is wonderful since I was a rescue as well…I love Ms. Delta she looks like me with all her spots. Are the two of you getting along ok?

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  7. Hi Digby. Where do those annoying prickles come from? I am glad that your paws are getting better. The value of pictures doesn’t depend on the number of them. The love captured in them is much more important, and your pictures have it!


  8. Digby, you are so big that I think you could walk into any human children’s store and find some shoes to fit you! Get something cool, like converse sneakers. Then you will be one styling boy!

  9. Hey! Are you using those rechargeable batteries? Because ours used to crap out all the time. Then we switched to the regular ones and they last much longer but make us feel bad every time we replace them (fear not, we save them all to take to the safe place for disposal).

    Good luck.


  10. HEY! You’ve revamped your blog!! LOVE the new look and colours! (Hsin-Yi is asking what the theme is?) – it’s great as I think it’s nice to have a new blog look to reflect you & Delta’s personalities.

    Oh – poor you, Digby! But I’m glad the vet was able to help you – and I hope you’re able to work through your anxiety issues. You’re so lucky to have a human who is so dedicated to helping you! (Was this the thing you were telling me about learning?)

    Our camera uses rechargeable lithium batteries too – we have a little charger that takes 4 batteries at a time and plugs into the wall, so Hsin-Yi keeps 2 sets – one in the camera and one charged up outside…but she found that when the rechargeable batteries got older, they didn’t keep their charge for so long – so she was having to change them sooner and sooner! So in the end she had to throw them and buy new sets of rechargeables…they are awfully expensive though! The good thing with our camera is that it can take both types so if in an emergency, we can also just buy normal AA batteries to put them in…but it’s just that rechargeable is more eco-friendly! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

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