Nice Smooth Nails

I Digby, do not like having my nails clipped!
When I first came to my new home, Mumma got me used to having my nails clipped. Then one day, a couple of weeks ago. She she clipped a little too close and I screamed! It was so painful!
Mumma laughed because actually there wasn’t even any blood and she thinks I was being very wimpy (can you believe it? me? wimpy? Not ever!) Since then I have been more difficult with my nails than ever before.
Then, by chance Mumma came across this other way of keeping nails short, thanks to Supernaturalbc on youtube. Doggies who enjoy training should follow the link and leave it open for their humans to find.

So Dadsy made me my own emery board and Voila! I have lovely smooth nails! Without the horror of the nail clippers 😀
The emery board is simply made from MDF wood with ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper, of the coarse variety, glued onto it. We used ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper as Mumma knew I would dribble on it. If you wish to help your human make an emery board, please do not to eat, lick, or otherwise consume the glue. Our Dadsy used PVA glue; Dadsy also stuck special non-stick rubber on the back.

Please watch my pawdicure by clicking here. That was my second go and so I am better at it now, and I know to file both my paws equally, and I don’t get them caught on the edge anymore 🙂

I wanted to show this to my friends, not just so you could see what a clever boy I am (although that was most definitely part of it) but because I know lots of doggies don’t like their nails being clipped, and this way is much more fun!

I also want to say thank you for the tactical suggestions on winning The War Against Treacherous Camera Batteries. We tried out ordinary batteries but they would not take a single photo for us. Now we will be going out to buy more batteries. This time I have told Mumma to buy the loyal and hardworking ones.

your pal,


10 comments on “Nice Smooth Nails

  1. I LOVE this!!! thanks Digby (and Delta)! Darwin hates getting her nails clipped! Even though I keep trying to work at her getting used to her feet being touched she still hates it. Every once in a while we can clip a nail or two. But this may be our answer!!!

  2. That is most clever. However, I anxiously await the movie of you doing your rear end feet. Hehehe.

    I, too, do not permit momma to do my nails. In fact I discourage her by a solid head butt which left her hand all tingling for a couple of hours. Now I go to the salon where I get foodables during my pedicure.


  3. Stumpy won’t let me touch her feet, but I don’t think that board would do the trick, either. But it’s worth a try. I’m glad it works for you, Digby!

  4. Very clever idea, Digby, and you do it so well. Mom won’t even try to do our nails. She says she would die if she made us bleed. We get them done by our vet or our groomer. Thanks for showing us that video.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Hi Digby – that’s a very clever idea! And you ARE a clever boy to learn to do that all by yourself! 😀

    Actually, Hsin-Yi has already taught me to do a digging motion like that with my front paws – we’re practising it as a new dance step! 😆

    The thing is, my humans are USELESS at DIY (seriously, can’t even hammer a nail in straight) so I don’t think they’d be able to make that board for me. But that’s OK coz I actually don’t really mind my nails being clipped – I’m quite good and lie very quietly while it’s being done – it’s Hsin-Yi who does’t like doing it coz my nails are really hard and so she always gets blisters on her fingers from trying to squeeze the clippers! 😛

    But thanks again for a great idea! I’m sure lots of doggies will find this very useful!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Hi Digby,

    What a great idea…I don’t mind having my nails cut I just lay there and fall asleep. But this board is a great idea…I think I’ll have mom try to make me one so I can just learn how to do that scratching thing on command…wish me luck.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  7. What a wonderful teacher you are Digby!! We are glad your little friend found his furrever home. Maybe you can go visit???

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  8. Wow! I’m all for scratching on stuff! Unless of course Mom wants me to…. Ha roo roo roo! We do lots of our walking on sidewalks, so ours get filed down that way – except for the dew claws. Fortunately for me, I don’t have dews. As per the rest of the pack… clip, clip, clip! 🙂
    Play bows,

  9. Whoa Digby! Nicely done! I watched the first video and thought it would not make enough of a difference but I can see in yours that it will! Maybe I will try that!

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