Dire Bettys and Beautiful Me

well I have two matters to discuss today:

We’ve had a few dawgies say that they hope little Miss is all better now. Thank you for such nice comments 🙂
Well Little Miss has Type Won Dire Bettys; and Type Won Dire Bettys, once you get it, you have it all your life.
Little Miss is not sick like she was at first 🙂 and she can do all the things she used to do.
But she also has to do extra things to help her be healthy.
She checks her own blood glucose levels and she has four injections of insulin everyday. Some of them she does herself too.
And she eats seven times a day!
Yes that is right! Seven. times. a. day! I guess that is something good right?

Delta can tell when she has not enough sugar in her blood because she is clever and a kind of dogter I guess.

Dire Bettys isn’t too bad, you just have to look after it carefully or you get very bad sickies.

Now its time to tell you about the new me!
You will all be so fascinated to know that I have given up my idle ways.

I have thrown myself into an extreme fitness regime.

I am now a bikey.

and soon I will be taught and toned with muscles that will make you weep.


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6 comments on “Dire Bettys and Beautiful Me

  1. Dear Darwin,
    are you saying white socks aren’t a good look for me?
    As I am fashion conscious I find this worrying.

    Actually I am wearing ruffwear booties because I had a little sore on my toe that I didn’t want to get worse by running around.

    But did you notice how beautifully colour co-ordinated Daddy and i are in our biking gear. Red booties, collar, helmet and bike!

    xxx Digby

  2. Well it is most impressive that you’ve a Dogtor in da howse to sniffy the low blood sugars. Good on ya dere Dogtor Delta.

    And Digby we must say you are very stylish in yer runnin shoes!

    Bobo and Meja

  3. We are sorry the Little Miss has that kind of sickies but it sure sounds like she is getting wonderful care and things are under control.

    We think we might like to join you on the streets for a bike ride too. Have lots of fun.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. BARK! Oh, digby, so sorry to hear about Little Misses diet bettys. That sounds scary. Glad delta keeps a close eye on her. What a special girl. I think your boots are more fashionable than mine. Mine are GREEN and match NOTHNG. I got very muscly when I used to bike too. Have fun!
    Sasha the Princess

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