Possessed by a cone

Not too long ago, I found myself overcome by a cone.
I stood still and didn’t move because the cone disenabled my legs, and took over my brain and ended up controlling the whole of my being, except my mouth which was only able to make sad noises.

it made even my eyes go green thereby turning me into the Green eyed monster which I have heard about before.

After taking over my body and turning my eyeballs green, the cone proceeded to make me walk into each of my family with force and regularity.
I tried to say “My family, it is not I Digby who am ramming you hard in the legs! It is the cone!” but all that came out was “boohoo”.

The cone had me get stuck in all tight areas of the house and I needed constant rescuing by less possessed members of the family.

Then I had an idea!

If I could regain control of my body enough to lick my toe then maybe curse of the cone would be lifted from me!
it was true!

The humans upon seeing me lick my toe even with the cone on; released me from its powers. It did not then take me long to recover myself and resume normal activities.

And I shall never again lick my toe!


11 comments on “Possessed by a cone

  1. Dearaestest Digby – I too have been afflicted with the dreaded cone monster many many times. As I have the meanest Mommy ever. I react to it much like you. Sometimes I would bump into the wall and just stand there. After my very mean Mommy died with the laughter she would gently nudge me away from the wall.

    We are very glad you have learned not to licky yer toe. And, yes you are our very most favoritest big black doggy!!!

    Bobo and Meja

  2. Ah yes, we know all too well the horrors of the dreaded cone of shame here. Our cousin Gypsy just finally managed to shed hers after having to have her tail docked to a major case of happy tail. Mom said her legs were totally bruised by it – we just don’t understand why the humans don’t realize it really would be better for them if they destroyed all cones.

    We hope your toe is OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Oh Digby that dreaded cone…I had one once when I bloated but I only had to wear it once since my hoomans kept telling me to “leave it” and I’m good at that command so I left my ouchie alone and they didn’t have to use the cone. I’m glad you no longer have to wear it. I love the last picture.

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  4. Oh Digby – I HATE the cone too!! I had to wear it after my Operation for Girl Doggies and I was depressed for days. Mine was so big that I got stuck trying to go through doorways! 😀

    Hoeny the Great Dane

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