Welcome 2012

Well look who’s back blogging!
Its me Digby!

Firstly I want to wish all my doggiebloggie pals all the best for the New Year. We fervantly hope that 2012 is as delicious as chicken liver; as mentally stimulating as a Nina Ottoson toy; and as packed full of goodness as a Kangaroo steak (which by the way is an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid).

Now its time for a brief update of some of the things we’ve been up to, and hope to actually blog about!
Delta started training school this year. I guess you could say that she is mature-age student.
We played host to a member of our extended family, Meg the Staffy cross.
Delta had her first experience at being ‘puppy-sat’ while I got to go with the humans on a visit to Grandma’s!
I, Digby got diagnosed with Depression that is an ongoing legacy from my old owners.
We became friends with two new Kelpie foster pups named Minka and Lizzy.

And just before the end of 2011, we went on a holiday to New Castle! I got to swim in the sea and play in the sand. Delta got to be bitten by a dog while in the sea. That doesn’t happen every day!

2012 is going to be a special year for me. I have been doing exercises to help my depression and I am already feeling a lot better. this year I am going to be all the Digby I can be.

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9 comments on “Welcome 2012

  1. BAAARRRKKK!! Your back. We missed you bud! There is too much good around you to be depressed. I hope all the excersize and treats help. Happy New Year– The Princess

  2. Love the new look – very swish and stylish! Good stuff Diggers & Delt! Wishing you a nice chunky 2012 with lots of yummy treats xx Aroofs from your Frenchie Blog girlfriend Zola xx

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