Mango Minster Entry

I cannot resist, I simply must enter Delta into the Cracker Dog category of Mango Minster!

I, Digby, am the most un-cracker creature on this earth. So I really do not know what the humans were thinking when they presented me with Delta Cracker Dog Extraordinaire.

I try to say “Look here Delta! You are not a cocker spaniel, you are not a German Shorthaired Pointer, You are a giant breed… and a Great Dane no less! I want to see you lazing, being dopey, exercising your three brain cells and drooling!”
Delta has the hide to go and have a million brain cells that think up a million different ways to be naughty!
Here she stole flour from the closed pantry and emptied it all over the house. As you can see I, Digby, am most remorseful  for eating a bit – Delta on the other paw, the main perpetrator of this devlish activity, feels only wild amusement!

Delta doesn’t reserve her cracker behaviour for at home. Delta is cracker at the river, cracker at club, cracker everywhere!

Then there was the time that she gave Mumma the concussion when her zoomies went into over-drive.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a collage is like a textbook. So I do believe I have presented a case equivalent to four textbooks on the inappropriate Cracker-ness of Delta!


15 comments on “Mango Minster Entry

  1. Miss Delta! My goodness! That is no way for a full sized, majestic gal to behave. Are you sure that your received all three brain cells that usually go to giant dogs or did you perhaps leave one behind? You are super duper nutty. How does Digby manage?


  2. We know we should giggle but we can’t help it just a little bit…*Hee Hee* Delta gave her Mom a concussion!!

    We think you and Jasper would get on like a house on fire Delta, Jasper is also a cracker dane!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Oh… well… guess you gotta be a Dane or be a Dane’s mum/dad to understand the “power” of those zoomies… 😀

    Tell your mum the best way to avoid “impact” is to not move at all… We always manage to divert at last possible second… But if you move…

    Just loved Delta!!!

    (See mum, I’m not the only crazy Dane around the World!)


  4. What a great entry and what fun to have them both in your lives!!

    AARF Kasha the Dainty Great Dane

  5. Oh my God- that Delta really is a strong contender!! Er…are you sure she’s a Dane?? 🙂 I mean, us Danes are usually with you as being the most “uncracker” doggies of all! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. We are delighted to meet you and mama is especially delighted to see a Cracker Dane in this category! Mama remembers with great fondness all of her Danes, but especially the cracker ones. Delta, here are just a couple of suggestions. If you are unable to open doors when you wish, just chew the knobs into a square shape and you’ll be able to easily turn them with your mouth; mama has seen this demonstrated by a Dane. And have you tried grabbing the end of a full roll of TP and running through the house with it, festooning the house? Scattering flour all over the house is another favorite.
    Best of luck in the category, which fits you perfectly!

    Jed & Abby

  7. Wow! Your Cracker-ness is that strong that it has travelled to the other side of the world and hit us between the eyes..I’ve gone all dizzy just looking at your fab collages Delta. At least your human hasn’t stuck you in the Bad Sport’s category…grrrrrrrr! Humpf! Even as a cracker jack loonie you still look great Delta xx

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