Dire Bettys and Beautiful Me

well I have two matters to discuss today:

We’ve had a few dawgies say that they hope little Miss is all better now. Thank you for such nice comments 🙂
Well Little Miss has Type Won Dire Bettys; and Type Won Dire Bettys, once you get it, you have it all your life.
Little Miss is not sick like she was at first 🙂 and she can do all the things she used to do.
But she also has to do extra things to help her be healthy.
She checks her own blood glucose levels and she has four injections of insulin everyday. Some of them she does herself too.
And she eats seven times a day!
Yes that is right! Seven. times. a. day! I guess that is something good right?

Delta can tell when she has not enough sugar in her blood because she is clever and a kind of dogter I guess.

Dire Bettys isn’t too bad, you just have to look after it carefully or you get very bad sickies.

Now its time to tell you about the new me!
You will all be so fascinated to know that I have given up my idle ways.

I have thrown myself into an extreme fitness regime.

I am now a bikey.

and soon I will be taught and toned with muscles that will make you weep.


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move over wonderwoman…

…its my turn for a cuddle!

hanging with Fred

Over Christmas Delta and i had a weimy visitor named Fred.

Poor Fred, he had a basket for a bed.

we sunabthed together in the evenings.

Delta shared her bed with Fred! (A scandalous manouvre I was unprepared for).

And we endured endless intrusions of the flashy beast together.

see ya next time Fred!
your pal…

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time for blogging!

well its been aaaaaages!
and lots has happened since our last entry.

The biggest thing that happened was Little Miss got bad sickies.
Our Little Miss spent all day and all night sleeping. For human pups that’s not normal!
She turned the wrong colour. Her lips cracked and bled; although we think the worst thing was that she became very thin.

Delta and I were at a loss – what to do to help our little miss?
Every day she was worse.
All we could do was be with her. We spent so much time in her room that the they ended up putting beds in there for us.

Little Miss wasn’t at home anymore. Other people were in and out of the house and we hardly saw our family at all!

Then one day; a day that started out the same as they day before that, and the day before that, Little Miss came home!
When we heard her voice we cried and cried. We were so excited that we came very close to levitating due to the powerful thrust of our wagging tails.
And the best bit was that she had gone back to her normal colour; and maybe even she wasn’t quite as thin as she was before she left!

There are still things happening in this house that I don’t understand. Delta notices things that many other doggies would never notice.
sometimes Little Miss becomes sick again Delta gets Mumma – she will even get her in the middle of the night.

What Delta does is amazing; I can’t understand it at all…
She has tried explaining it to me:
Delta: well Digby you know how sometimes Little Miss smells like the stuff the big peeps clean the bathroom with?
Digby: I never go into the bathroom – it is a place of eeeevil.
Delta: right…. well when she smells different we have to get the big peeps.
Digby: what do we do when she smells different?
Delta: we get the big Peeps!
Digby: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Confusing isn’t it?
I often think that Delta is a blessing… we are so lucky to have her keeping the Little Miss safe.

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The responsibility of being a Daddee

A while ago I became a foster Daddee.
His name was Nate.

Of course it was entirely up to me to raise him to be a good doggie.

And that was quite stressful as he was always doing the wrong thing.

He played all the time 😦

So, when he looked to be having too much fun, I confiscated his toys. Discipline is important you know.

He put a shoe on my tail 😦

So I taught him how to be a good Doggie. The essence of which is spending lots of time laying around.

He got better…

Then just as i was beginning to like him;

he left.
and I was sad.

Nice Smooth Nails

I Digby, do not like having my nails clipped!
When I first came to my new home, Mumma got me used to having my nails clipped. Then one day, a couple of weeks ago. She she clipped a little too close and I screamed! It was so painful!
Mumma laughed because actually there wasn’t even any blood and she thinks I was being very wimpy (can you believe it? me? wimpy? Not ever!) Since then I have been more difficult with my nails than ever before.
Then, by chance Mumma came across this other way of keeping nails short, thanks to Supernaturalbc on youtube. Doggies who enjoy training should follow the link and leave it open for their humans to find.

So Dadsy made me my own emery board and Voila! I have lovely smooth nails! Without the horror of the nail clippers 😀
The emery board is simply made from MDF wood with ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper, of the coarse variety, glued onto it. We used ‘wet and dry’ sandpaper as Mumma knew I would dribble on it. If you wish to help your human make an emery board, please do not to eat, lick, or otherwise consume the glue. Our Dadsy used PVA glue; Dadsy also stuck special non-stick rubber on the back.

Please watch my pawdicure by clicking here. That was my second go and so I am better at it now, and I know to file both my paws equally, and I don’t get them caught on the edge anymore 🙂

I wanted to show this to my friends, not just so you could see what a clever boy I am (although that was most definitely part of it) but because I know lots of doggies don’t like their nails being clipped, and this way is much more fun!

I also want to say thank you for the tactical suggestions on winning The War Against Treacherous Camera Batteries. We tried out ordinary batteries but they would not take a single photo for us. Now we will be going out to buy more batteries. This time I have told Mumma to buy the loyal and hardworking ones.

your pal,

I need bootees

Oh dear,
Well I, Digby, have been a bit unwell owing to the disastrous amount of prickles present in my neighbourhood.
Disastrous prickles ruining my stroll 😦
They stick into my paws and poison them.
We try to walk where there is no prickles, but alas the prickles have out-smarted us. No matter how hard we try, I still tread on some prickles every time I go a-strolling 😦
So I ended up with sick paws and I tried to heel them by chewing them, but it didn’t work, I just ended up with chewed up sick paws 😦
So off to the Vet.

I am wonderful and so well behaved… the vet told me so 🙂

Mumma and him did swapsies – she gave him heaps of money and he gave her heaps of magic beans.
And I am feeling much better thanks to them. They are yummy when wrapped in cheese.
The Vet said I have some ongoing anxiety issues from the horrible things my first owners did to me… But Mumma and I are working on it 🙂

In other news….you will all be very distressed to hear that we have been betrayed by the camera batteries which are refusing to take more than 3 photos!

your pal,

Delta’s 9

Hello furries

My pals Max and JD suggested we do a post on Delta’s 9 things! Fabulous idea!

so handing it over…..

I have so many things to say, this is gonna be hard!

1. I could play all day every day! wrestling, bitey face, fetch, chaseys! I love them all!
fetch please?
fetch pleeeeease?

2. I love the the vacuum cleaner! How much fun are they? Super fun! They’re noisy and they just make you want to play with them SO much.
My vacuum cleaner has been very stubborn though and has resisted all my attempts to start a game with it. But its only a matter of time! I hope your reading this Mr Vacuum cleaner!

3. I am a snuggler!

4. o.k. this is also about the vacuum cleaner, but its definitely worth mentioning! Before I came along, Digby would hide in his hidey hole when the vacuum cleaner came out! But I showed him its no big deal bruva! The vacuum cleaner is our friend! Last time the vacuum cleaner came out Digby was lying on the rug while the vacuum cleaner was cleaning that very same rug!
All thanks to me 😀

5. last time I went for a walk I jumped on someone’s sandstone letter box hehehehe!

6. One day, when Mumma came home, I stood with all four paws on the very back of the lounge, in order to see her better. I was kind of wobbling back and forth and Mumma’s eyes started bulging and her mouth opened wide. Humans are so strange aren’t they!

7. a couple of weeks ago I gave birth to a puppy! let me tell you, being a mum is a lot of work. My Aunty Sas says I was only having a phantom pregnancy but,if I’d had a phantom pregnancy my puppy would’ve looked like this:

Of course being a first time mum is a steep learning curve and my puppy has perhaps, paid the price for my inexperience (as you can see his without his head). He’s still as cute as every though!

8. I am learning self-control really quickly 😀

9. Last night Mumma was making her way to bed with the lights off. Little did she know I was in bed waiting for her! My warm furry self in her bed where she sleeps 😀

thanks for reading!

An award

Tucker and Huffle had this award on their blog and they both said that any blogger who wants it can take it 😀
Well I love a freeby!

These are the rules according to Huffle:
1. thank the cat who gave it to you
2. share nine things about yourself
3. pass this along to nine bloggers who you think are fantastic

Thank you Huffle and Tucker!

1. I think I have only recently turned three years old!
2. I have won a big bag of beautiful tugs! Now if only Mumma could entice me to play with them!

3. I love to run really fast and play recall games.
4. I have an aerosol can phobia – Mumma should have fixed that by now.
5. I won a huge bag of Venison ears to munch on – they were so Yummy!

6. I am so so gentle and have super good manners with people.

7. I can jump arms.
8. I never steal things (unlike Delta!)
9. I developed this very nifty trick to make people cuddle me! I give them my paw and they think I am doing ‘shake’ so they take my paw and then I use that as a ‘leg up’ to gently stand up and put my paws around their shoulders! hehehehe Ain’t that clever?

Well the rules say I need to pass this award on. But I am prepared to bend the rule, just this once, and do what Huffle and Tucker did, and just request that anyone who wants it, please take it 🙂

your pal,

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Fosters: Jaysie and Tilly

Well I’ll warn you now that this post doesn’t have the happy ending we would have all liked.

When Gambit left for his new home Mumma put her name down to foster two girl puppies in a litter of five, that had been dumped at the pound at just 5 weeks of age 😦

This one is Tilly

This one is Jaysie

Jaysie and Tilly were bold little puppies afraid of nothing and very easy to socialise. Mumma took them everywhere, schools, preschools, the main street, to all her friends, on a big 5 hour car trip up to Grandma and Grandad’s! They played with all the friendly and vaccinated doggies Mumma could find. Mumma socialised them to having baths and their nails clipped and being brushed… everything!

Mumma also had two wonderful homes lined up with really wonderful families for these energetic, cheeky and wiggly-bummed puppies.

Jaysie and Tilly couldn’t go to their new families until they had been desexed at 10 weeks old.
At 10 weeks Mumma dropped them off at the vet. But when she got home she got a phone call that little Tilly had had a reaction to the anaesthesia and had suffered severe brain damage. So Tilly was given her wings and sent to wait for mumma with Mr Darcy.
I’m not going to talk about how hard that was for the family, as you all probably can guess pretty easily.

But the good news is that Jaysie (now known as Ziva) went off to her lovely forever home a few days later where she has a gentle Labrador for a sister and is adored by her family.

Mumma still gets sent the odd email from the people who have adopted her foster doggies. Getting an email and photo and finding out all the things her doggies have been up to is one of the happiest things a foster carer can look forward to 🙂

signing off
your pal,