You’ve all heard of Buns of Steal…

There is something I have been withholding from the world.

A secret that has given me big adavantages.

Its not Buns of Steal….

Its Ribs of Fat!

I, clever Digby, am like a sculptor of body fat. I have managed to sculpt my fat into the shape of ribs!

you can see a bit of my fat ribs here before they got to their full size


My humans were blissfully unaware for the longest time. They were actually saying things like “such a nice spring of rib you have Digby”

Because my ribs of fat looked just like the real ribs of super fit dogs!

Then my ears (they always let me down) had to go and spoil it. They became the home of yeast.

And so I was taken to the vet.

This is where it all went wrong.

I got on the scale, and the scale said 66.6 kgs (that’s 1/10th of the devil’s number you know! and 146.8 lbs!) Which in any case is much too big according to the humans.

That’s when they got suspicious looks on their faces. That’s when they began to poke me with their fingers of accusation. And they noticed that my ribs were in fact soft and gelatinous, rather than hard and bone- like.

That’s when they found out that my ‘ribs’ were in fact a big scam, and that they had been taken in like fools.

Now alas I am on a diet.

see my fat ribs are deflating
Here you can see how my sculpted fat ribs have already quite de-flated.

Now for my readers of the human variety I found away you can achieve this look too:


perhaps a little less dignified, but apparently effective.

your pal,