Delta’s 9

Hello furries

My pals Max and JD suggested we do a post on Delta’s 9 things! Fabulous idea!

so handing it over…..

I have so many things to say, this is gonna be hard!

1. I could play all day every day! wrestling, bitey face, fetch, chaseys! I love them all!
fetch please?
fetch pleeeeease?

2. I love the the vacuum cleaner! How much fun are they? Super fun! They’re noisy and they just make you want to play with them SO much.
My vacuum cleaner has been very stubborn though and has resisted all my attempts to start a game with it. But its only a matter of time! I hope your reading this Mr Vacuum cleaner!

3. I am a snuggler!

4. o.k. this is also about the vacuum cleaner, but its definitely worth mentioning! Before I came along, Digby would hide in his hidey hole when the vacuum cleaner came out! But I showed him its no big deal bruva! The vacuum cleaner is our friend! Last time the vacuum cleaner came out Digby was lying on the rug while the vacuum cleaner was cleaning that very same rug!
All thanks to me 😀

5. last time I went for a walk I jumped on someone’s sandstone letter box hehehehe!

6. One day, when Mumma came home, I stood with all four paws on the very back of the lounge, in order to see her better. I was kind of wobbling back and forth and Mumma’s eyes started bulging and her mouth opened wide. Humans are so strange aren’t they!

7. a couple of weeks ago I gave birth to a puppy! let me tell you, being a mum is a lot of work. My Aunty Sas says I was only having a phantom pregnancy but,if I’d had a phantom pregnancy my puppy would’ve looked like this:

Of course being a first time mum is a steep learning curve and my puppy has perhaps, paid the price for my inexperience (as you can see his without his head). He’s still as cute as every though!

8. I am learning self-control really quickly 😀

9. Last night Mumma was making her way to bed with the lights off. Little did she know I was in bed waiting for her! My warm furry self in her bed where she sleeps 😀

thanks for reading!


17 comments on “Delta’s 9

  1. Oh my goodness, Delta – I’m so excited to meet you! I’m sorry – I just realised that I missed the post from Digby introducing your arrival! Welcome and I’m glad you are starting to post! You are so lucky to have been adopted by this wonderful family. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Hi Delta! I loved learning some things about you! Great list! I’ve given birth, too! I had a litter of running shoes one year – They loved to run just like me! I used to have those “phantom pregnancies” every Spring, unless we added another pup to our pack. My favorite vet said mom should just let me adopt a puppy every year and then I wouldn’t have problems! I loved that vet!
    Your pix are adorable!
    Tail wags,

  3. phantom pup made me giggle! Moose is often in my spot on the bed and because I have to walk in to the dark room to get to the lamp and he is black I am always surprised to see him there. One of these days I am going to sit on him by accident.
    Can’t imagine you wobbling on the back of the lounge! You do know you are not a cat, right? He he would love a pic of that!
    Nice getting to know ya!
    p.s. good job helping Digby with the vac! big boys can be big chickens sometimes!

  4. My mom has THAT smile about this post!

    Woo are such a khutie AND so furry lukhky to have such a great place to BE!


  5. Hi Delta – ohh, we’re so excited that you posted your 9 things! We agree with Brooke – you have amazing eyes. And hey, we like the vac too, we’ve even been known to snooze on the vac when the humans are too lazy to put it away properly ‘cos we don’t want it to start playing again without us, he he he! So it’s great to meet another doggie with the same mind set! 🙂 And your puppy is very cute, we can see you love him very much! Can’t wait for regular posts from you!! 🙂 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  6. Hi Delta,
    I think I accidentally signed in with Mom’s blogger info before. She seems to be using our computer for her own things lately. Hmm.
    Anyway, the tough thing about that litter of running shoes was that Mom kept taking them away in pairs. She’d bring them back, but then take two more away. It was hard to keep up with them!
    Tail wags,

  7. Bet that was quite the surprise for Mom last night:) We just love your eyes. Poor headless puppy:( Any chance of some emergency surgery?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Hi Delta, thanks for stopping by our blog! I am so sorry it took so long to get back to you! I didn’t realize you had visited until today. Practice your khetching skills for the next go round!

  9. Well, that was a most revealing post for sure. About that vacuum cleaning thing. Personally I prefer to lay about in it’s path to discourage the removal of my Mango-ness from the carpet, but that’s just me. PeeWee goes all cracker dog.

    I would snuggle with you anytime. Hehehe.


  10. Delta we just loved learning all that fun stuff…Sorry about the whole headless puppy thing. Sometimes we get carried away too!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  11. BARK! We are still here. All is well. Mommy has been busy and says that I dont do anything active enough to be blog material. Now, dont get us wrong, just sleeping I am as cute as can be, but mommy said that may bore readers to sleep. She has something coming up soon from aome pet espo she went to. Without me, mind you! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  12. Delta! Woo iz too funnee. We wood wuv to kum and snuggles wif woo and Digby! (and we iz verree happee dat he iz all bettur, too. Gud diet and gud lovies will keep him helfy!)

    Gus and Waldo

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