love him with food

I, Delta am blogging because Digby has been bitten or stung on the lip by a creature who is most mean and uncaring, but whose identity remains a mystery.

He’s feeling poorly and has had to postpone all his fitness plans. Between you and I readers, I can already see his muscles returning to their previously flabby state. But shhhhh! we won’t tell him that because he is already in a depressive state.

With Digby out of action, and the Little Miss back at school I’ve had more time to focus on self improvement.
I experimented with a new look (see my ears, quite modern/contemporary aren’t they?)

I also took up gardening

and lastly I took up baking. I thought I could cheer Digby up nicely with a cake.

Actually baking turned out to be harder than either gardening or self-grooming!
I learnt several important lessons.
1. if you are going to bake a cake do it when the humans will be gone for a long time so they don’t come home and ruin it.
2. choose pleanty of ingredients because some of them will taste so good that you will eat them straight away.
3. use a bed with sides; this holds all the ingreditents together making it easier to mix than on a flat bed.

Sadly as I was mixing all ingredients together into a smooth consistency, the human came home.
That was it…. my chance was gone; Instead of a cake, all I ended up with was this:

Which didn’t cheer Digby up at all.

I’m never doing that again. All the effort I went too; only to have my cake cleaned up and put in the rubbish bin!
However if you believe you will have more luck than me I have included a list of my Ingredients for a delicious cake free of charge below.

your pal,

1 kg of almond meal
1.5 kg of brown sugar
6 small containers of raspberry juice
5 packets of beef noodles
and a sweet potato


Delta’s 9

Hello furries

My pals Max and JD suggested we do a post on Delta’s 9 things! Fabulous idea!

so handing it over…..

I have so many things to say, this is gonna be hard!

1. I could play all day every day! wrestling, bitey face, fetch, chaseys! I love them all!
fetch please?
fetch pleeeeease?

2. I love the the vacuum cleaner! How much fun are they? Super fun! They’re noisy and they just make you want to play with them SO much.
My vacuum cleaner has been very stubborn though and has resisted all my attempts to start a game with it. But its only a matter of time! I hope your reading this Mr Vacuum cleaner!

3. I am a snuggler!

4. o.k. this is also about the vacuum cleaner, but its definitely worth mentioning! Before I came along, Digby would hide in his hidey hole when the vacuum cleaner came out! But I showed him its no big deal bruva! The vacuum cleaner is our friend! Last time the vacuum cleaner came out Digby was lying on the rug while the vacuum cleaner was cleaning that very same rug!
All thanks to me 😀

5. last time I went for a walk I jumped on someone’s sandstone letter box hehehehe!

6. One day, when Mumma came home, I stood with all four paws on the very back of the lounge, in order to see her better. I was kind of wobbling back and forth and Mumma’s eyes started bulging and her mouth opened wide. Humans are so strange aren’t they!

7. a couple of weeks ago I gave birth to a puppy! let me tell you, being a mum is a lot of work. My Aunty Sas says I was only having a phantom pregnancy but,if I’d had a phantom pregnancy my puppy would’ve looked like this:

Of course being a first time mum is a steep learning curve and my puppy has perhaps, paid the price for my inexperience (as you can see his without his head). He’s still as cute as every though!

8. I am learning self-control really quickly 😀

9. Last night Mumma was making her way to bed with the lights off. Little did she know I was in bed waiting for her! My warm furry self in her bed where she sleeps 😀

thanks for reading!

My Big News

Last Friday half my family got in the car and drove away.

Then the next day they returned – but they returned with an amazing surprise!
I watched the car pull up at our house and then a female doggie hopped out the car!!!
I felt overwhelming joy and I sang a very loud song in contemporary alternative style – cool huh?

I knew straight away that she was the newest member of our family! Woohooo I have a sister!!!

Her name is Delta and she is a Great Dane and she is 15 months old. Delta came to us from NSW Great Dane Rescue! Which makes her a rescue doggie too!

I was happy before, But I am even happier now with Delta. She is very different from me; for instance she is crazy and has endless energy. She really likes to have fun; whereas I prefer to be mopey.

As you can see she has crazy blue eyes and flying nun ears!!!
We all love her very much – but I think the humans still love me more.
Unfortunately Delta won’t be bloggin herself for a while as her brain is kind of like a cyclone and she can’t put her thoughts in a sensible order. But you’ll still be getting to hear about her through me!

I hoped you liked my big news!

I am also pleased to say that so far this morning there has been no gunfire and so I have not needed to make use of my hidey hole.

Your pal,